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The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy

A book by Darryl McMahon

Last updated 2008.06.01

The Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa (EVCO) EV Expo 2008

(held Saturday, May 31 2008 at the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology)

Despite heavy rains in the morning while we were setting up, we were pleased to participate in the annual show put on by EVCO. We brought the Green14 (1973 Porsche 914 converted to electric drive), the 1975 Auranthetic electric motorcycle, some Soneil battery chargers, PakTrakrs, Water Savers and of course, copies of The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy. We snapped a few pictures and some of them are shown below.

There was a great array of electric vehicles and other related displays, including an electric pickup truck, several electric cars, an electric motorcycle, electric bicycles, electric tractors, a diesel motorcycle, human powered vehicles, and more.

Setting up in the rain (Green14 in background) – you have to be committed
to be a bicycle-only family in these weather conditions.

The Electric Tractors

Denis Carrier's E-20 (Denis in the matching yellow rain gear)

A small portion of Geof Thompson's collection (Geof standing in the middle)

Denis's Elec-Trak advertisements

Electric Cars (ForkenSwift & Solectria Force)

More electric cars (white Solectria Force and Honda Insight hybrid)

ForkenSwift – what's under the hood?

Under the hood of the Solectria Force

Solectria Force – under the trunk floor

Electric Pickup Truck

Xtracycle with Bionx electric assist package

Pedaless e-bike with lithium ion battery

RGB's Tandem GreenSpeed recumbent 3-wheeler with trailer (human powered)

Bicycle with sidecar

Quantya electric bike

Glen's industrial strength diesel farm motorcycle (grow your own fuel and run on biodiesel)

Announcement of Trillium Foundation Grant for EVCOnversions course

More photos (courtesy Richard Guy Briggs)

Promo interview on CBC Radio (MP3 files) Part 1 Part 2

[dead link:] Ottawa Citizen coverage of the event (June 2nd edition)

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Ottawa Outlets for The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy

Check your favourite bookstore to get your copy of The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy to prepare yourself for a future of rising energy prices.

Arbour Environmental Shoppe (800 Bank Street)

[dead link:] Topia GreenStop Biofuels

Perfect Books (258 Elgin Street, near MacLaren)

(If your favourite store for new books does not have The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy, ask them to get it for you.)

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