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Water Saver toilet fill cycle diverters at Econogics

Last updated 2021.10.01

We have been selling WaterSavers since 2005. They just work. And the price of municipal water just keeps going up. Reducing your water usage saves you money now, and more money as the price keeps going up. If you have a toilet that isn't more water-efficient than ultra-low-flow, why don't you want to save money on your water bill?

See the Greenlife Magazine review of the Water Saver!

The Water Saver toilet fill cycle diverter

Simply the most cost-effective residential water conservation device available today. Compare with other water efficiency measures!

It doesn't look like much . . .
but what does a great idea really look like?

Will you pay $5 now to save $20 or more within the year?
That's a 400% return on investment in the first year! The savings just continue after that!

This little bit of plastic is so ingenious, I wish I had thought of it myself. So I'm doing the next best thing – making it available to you so you can save water and money!

The typical North American toilet pours more water down the fill tube than is required to fill the bowl after a flush. Try this test on your toilet the next time you flush.

Flush, then watch the water level in the toilet bowl. When the level stops rising, count off the seconds until the tank finishes filling. In my Ultra Low Flow (6-litre) toilet, this takes just over 50 seconds. During this period, more water is going into the bowl through the fill tube, but the bowl level is not rising. All of that water just flows over the trap and is lost into the sewage system - COMPLETELY WASTED! That's where the Water Saver comes in.

This little piece of genius diverts some of that water into the tank, saving about 3 litres (¾ of a gallon) per fill on a conventional 20-litre toilet or 13-litre low flow toilet, and a bit less on an ultra low flow 6-litre toilet. That's key to the genius of this device; it doesn't save water on the flush, only on the fill. It still fills the bowl and tank as before. It does not affect the flush performance. I have used these for years, and speaking from experience, you won't notice the difference except on your water bill.

Can you afford to invest just $5 to save up to $20 in the first year? (Based on City of Ottawa 2006 residential water & sewage rates, assumes 4 residents in household, flushing an average of 4 times each per day, one toilet. Rate Update!) Takes about 1 minute to install.


  • Inexpensive to buy.
  • Best economic payback of typical available household water-saving options.
  • Highest water savings per dollar spent.
  • Fast, easy installation in under a minute.
  • Maintenance free no moving or wearing parts.
  • Not visible in use.
  • No waste produced by replacing another device.
  • Can be moved to a new toilet if the existing toilet is replaced.
  • Unlike toilet tank displacement devices, the Water Saver can be used on ultra low-flow (ULF) toilets and does not affect the flushing power (like toilet dams, balloons or bricks).
  • And saving water is good for the environment, as well as your household budget.

    Compare to other typical residential water saving options.

    Too good to be true? Rely on our money-back guarantee. If the Water Saver doesn't work as described here, send it back and we'll give you your money back.

    All shipping charges are extra. GST included. Ontario residents pay PST.

    Contact us for more information about the WaterSaver, quantity pricing or to order.

  • Just 5 bucks!
  • Fast and easy to install!
  • Will pay for itself in months! Savings continue year after year!
  • No risk to you - money-back guarantee!
    What are you waiting for?

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