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Water Rate Update (Water Saver toilet fill diverters)

Last updated 2009.12.10

The world is finally figuring out that potable water is valuable, and starting to price it accordingly.

From now on, municipal water systems are really going to be putting the "savings" in the Water Saver.

The City of Ottawa approved a 27% increase in residential water rates over 3 years starting in 2008. CBC News item That means your annual savings with the Water Saver will be $22 a year in 2008, $24 in 2009, $26 in 2010, and likely more in following years - all for just a $5 investment (per toilet) today. The sooner you buy, the sooner you start saving.

The City of Toronto has approved a similar increase. CTV news item

Is your salary going up by 9% or more a year for the next few years? If not, you want to protect yourself from these increased costs by reducing your household water consumption, which should include using Water Saver toilet fill diverters!

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    Water Saver toilet fill diverter
    The Water Saver toilet fill diverter.
    Simply the most cost-effective residential water conservation device available today.

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