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Last updated 2009.12.10

Water Saver compared to other popular water saving upgrade devices

Shower heads

Old shower heads typically had flow rates of about 15 litres per minute. The new standard is 9.5 litres per minute. Assuming a household spends 20 minutes with the shower running per day, the savings is 110 litres per day (5.5x20). Installation time is approximately 10 minutes (including removal of pre-existing unit). Typical cost is $25 (ranges from $5 to $100). Some homes have multiple shower heads, and a recent fashion is multiple showerheads per shower unit.

Low-flow aerators

In cases where water volume is required, no water saving is accomplished, and filling a vessel takes longer (e.g., filling a kettle or pot, or sink for washing dishes). Running water to wash hands or vegetables should take only a very few minutes per day. Typically, expect volume to be reduced from 8 to 4 litres per minute. If the faucet is run for 5 minutes per day in non-volume requirements, the saving will be 20 litres per day. Prices range from $2 to $10, while $5 is typical. Accomplishing this level of savings will likely require installing at least 2 aerators – kitchen and each bathroom.

Toilet Tank Displacement (Dams & Balloons)

These devices typically save between 2 and 5 litres per flush (dual dam installation). However, they lead to additional second flushes about 1 time in 20, as they reduce the flush water volume, and flushing power below that of the original design. Toilet dams are typically finicky to install, and can require taking the toilet out of service for a period of time while sealant cures. Prices range from $2 to $20, while $9 appears typical for a single dam installation (2 to 2.5 litres saving). Toilet displacement is usually not recommended for ultra low-flow ("6-litre") toilets. Assuming a savings of 2 litres per flush, and 16 flushes per day, total savings is 32 litres per day.

"6-litre" toilets

Assuming a change from a "13-litre" (post-1984 conventional) toilet (actually uses 18 litres) to a "6-litre" (1.6 gallon) toilet, also known as an Ultra Low Flow or ULF (actually uses up to 9.75 l), roughly 8 litres per flush is actually saved. Assuming 16 flushes per day, the savings would be 128 litres per day.

Older conventional toilets may use 20 litres or more per flush. For these toilets, the savings could be 160 litres per day, however, the change-overs can be more complicated due to the smaller footprint of the newer units compared to the very old models.

Dual Flush Toilets

Even if you have one of the new 'dual-flush' toilets (nominally 3 litres or 6 litres), the Water Saver can still save you water and money. Based on the results from one of our customers, we estimate the Water Saver is saving her about 23% on water usage, on the 3-litre flush setting. She was so impressed, she ordered five more Water Savers!

The Water Saver Toilet Fill Diverter

This device costs $5. It saves about 2.7 litres per flush in a "6-litre" toilet, and about 3 litres per flush in a "13-litre" toilet. Assuming 16 flushes per day in a house with one "6-litre" toilet, the savings would be over 43 litres per day (48 for "13-litre" or "20-litre" toilets). Installation takes about 45 seconds. No waste product is produced for disposal. The unit can be moved from one toilet to another in the event of replacement.


Cost (retail)

Install time (in seconds)


Water savings (household


Payback time ($0.002/litre)

Payback (daily litres /$)

Shower head





114 days


Faucet aerator





100 days


Toilet tank displacement





141 days


"6-litre" toilet (from "13-litre")





782 days


"6-litre" toilet (from "20-litre")





780 days


Water Saver





60 days


Lowest install price, fastest install, fastest payback on investment, highest water saving per dollar invested - if you want to save money or conserve water, what are you waiting for? Get your WaterSaver(s) now! (Get one per toilet to maximize results.)

Contact us for more information about the WaterSaver, quantity pricing or to order.

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