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Municipal Water News

(courtesy Econogics and Water Savers)

Last updated 2010.11.03

Water Saver Toilet Fill Diverter
The Water Saver Toilet Fill Diverter

Older Municipal Water News Items

Canada's Water Supply “Two-tier”, Lillooet’s “Two-tier” and “Third World” 2010.07.14 Lillooet News

Jackson Browne: I Blame bottled water for the oil spill! 2010.07.12 Daily Mail

Zebra mussels poised to invade Manitoba 2010.07.11

Fluoride from Municipal Water Supplies is Toxic to Fish 2010.07.07

The Fraser Institute: Sustainable Water Exports Possible With Reformed Canadian Water Policies 2010.06.16 MarketWire

Ontario fluoride may make minor difference 2010.04.15 Globe & Mail

Poll: Albertans least worried about water quality 2010.04.04 Toronto Sun

Our Water Disconnect 2010.03.30 Financial Post

Social, economic conditions on all reserves in Canada violate Constitution 2010.03.02 The First Perspective

British Columbia tap water takes Silver and Bronze medals 2010.03.01 WCPO.oom

Town to use loan for waste water work (Saugeen Shores) 2010.02.26 Owen Sound Sun Times

Canada is full of crap 2010.02.18 Toronto Sun

Cities want more cash to safeguard waterways 2010.02.10 Montreal Gazette

Green Municipal Fund commits over $4.3 million to Brant’s Mount Pleasant drinking water initiative 2010.02.03 Brant Expositor
N.B. this funding comes from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Green Municipal Fund, not from the federal government's allege economic stimulus package.

Canada-E.U. Talks an Attack on Democracy: Environment, Labour and Social Justice Groups 2010.01.22 MarketWire

Ottawa firm's gear purifies water for Haitians 2010.01.20 Ottawa Citizen

Parts for damaged sewage treatment plant arrive early 2010.01.17 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

HSBC opens software facility in Burnaby 2010.01.13

Water, water everywhere 2010.01.12 NovaNewsNow

Australia Highlights Lack Of Water Governance In Canada 2010.01.11 The Gov Monitor

Tapping into healthy water 2010.01.09 Vernon Morning Star

Higher river sulfate levels proposed 2010.01.03 Winnipeg Sun

In defence of Saint John's water system 2009.12.31 Saint John Telegraph-Journal

Weather: The Mother Of Invention 2009.12.23 Canadian Underwriter

City considers water meters for all homes 2009.12.21 Revelstoke Times Review

Sarnia wants voice at water talks 2009.12.12 Sarnia Observer

New plant was the good news, new rates – not so much 2009.12.11 Havelock Community Press

Millions in U.S. Drink Dirty Water, Records Show 2009.12.07 New York Times

Probe into sewage plant failure still active 2009.12.05 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Water rate hike is 'stealing,' Saskatoon told 2009.12.01
Looks like the only way for the consumer / citizen / taxpayer / ratepayer to win is to drop their water consumption still further than their neighbours. Higher rates means every litre not consumed is worth more. Eventually, use of rainwater for non-potable needs and grey-water use may become cost effective (e.g., for flushing toilets). Municipal officials need to consider what their desired end-game is, if raising water rates is going to be their tool of choice.

Celebrating the beginning of the end of bottled water in Canada 2009.12.01

Despite increases, Londoners saving money on their water 2009.12.01 The Londoner

Water studies bring welcomed insight 2009.11.30 Lethbridge Herald

Sustainable Development Project In Granby Quebec Will Improve City’s Drinking Water 2009.11.30 the Gov Monitor
With the 2009 construction season at an end, yet another Building Canada Fund announcement even though the federal government has declared the recession to be over. Per usual, no timelines were provided.

McKinsey releases 'Charting our Water Future' report 2009.11.27 McKinsey

Trade tsunami threatens sovereignty 2009.11.27 Toronto Star

Water allocation debate fires up emotions 2009.11.26

Canada's North feels left behind in stimulus program 2009.11.22 Canadian Press

Project Study Nears Completion 2009.11.22 Portage Online

Junk Science: Sierra Club of Canada Misleads the Public 2009.11.20 MarketWire

County condemns "intrusion" in municipal affairs 2009.11.19 Perth EMC

Cochrane sets example on water consumption 2009.11.17 Calgary Herald

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada is no steward of the land 2009.11.17 Axis of Logic

Water plant marks 10 years 2009.11.16 Moncton Times & Transcript

Bacteria detector: Canadians develop test strips to reveal food toxins2009.11.11 Vancouver Sun

Government of Canada Announces Funding for Great Lakes Clean-Up Projects in Detroit River Area of Concern 2009.11.09 Bezinga

Sudbury Boil Water Advisory 2009.11.07 Sudbury Star (see 2nd item in linked item)

‘Buy American horror stories' building 2009.11.06 Financial Post
Clearly, the Canadian government's infrastructure stimulus package is not taking up the slack created by the Buy American policy attached to the U.S. stimulus funding. Sadly, the Canadian government appears content to export these jobs to the U.S. along with the expertise that goes with them, meaning we will import these products from the U.S. in the future. Ironic when we know there is an infrastructure deficit in our municipalities and the Auditor General has just reported that water and waste water management infrastructure in many native communities (a federal responsibility) are sub-standard.

Automated Handling of Activated Carbon Reduces Dust, Labor 2009.11.04 WaterWorld

Native reserves polluted due to gaps in rules: AG 2009.11.03

Chicken Litter: The Aerial Hunt for Poultry Manure 2009.11.03 Wall Street Journal

ATCO Water partners to deliver water, wastewater services to two Alberta towns 2009.11.02 WaterWorld

Clear water will flow for Heights 2009.10.31 Bancroft This Week
Two things to note in this article. The project is expected to be completed "soon", which is presumably sometime in 2010 at the earliest. The other is that this project is being funded because enough other projects that originally received funding have since been disqualified - not encouraging news in terms of getting stimulus money out into the economy during 2009.

IET-Aquaresearch Ltd 25 Years as Canadian Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment 2009.10.29 MarketWire

Residents raise voices to council 2009.10.29 Gander Beacon

Insurers say climate change causing spike in claims 2009.10.27

Councillor worried about fluoride in water 2009.10.20

Environmental bottleneck 2009.10.18 Montreal Gazette

Enough suspicion to consider an inquiry 2009.10.16 Montreal Gazette

Cash flow for water program won't run dry: MPP 2009.10.16 Kingston Whig-Standard

Petrolia to overhaul sewers 2009.10.15 Sarnia Observer

Earth's Life Support Systems Failing 2009.10.14 Common Dreams

One colossal waste 2009.10.08 Maclean'

Canada’s biggest problem? America 2009.10.07 Maclean's

Province urged to close landfill 2009.10.07 Kingston Whig-Standard

Getting grants means Minto has to borrow $3-million to pay its share 2009.10.01 The Wellington Advertiser
Previously planned work is being deferred, and the municipality is increasing its debt (and future taxes) to cover its new financial burden as a result of getting grants under the Building Canada Fund. 2009.09.30 Daily Commercial News

Area infrastructure projects get government funding 2009.09.28 Pictou Advocate
This story puts the lie to the press announcement by the federal government last week titled "Economic Action Plan Gets Shovels in the Ground Across Nova Scotia". While that press release implies the work is already under way, a local official in this article acknowledges that work will not begin until 2010.

Ottawa pledges $42M to Alberta highways, parks 2009.09.25 Calgary Herald
Finally, some reality in the media about how long it takes to get from photo-op announcement to issuing a tender and eventually breaking ground (and hiring real people) to get these projects done.

Richmond Hill's stormwater run-off project like few others in Canada 2009.09.24

Government of Canada Announces Funding for Interlake Stewardship Project to Clean Up Lake Winnipeg 2009.09.24 Earth Times

Continuing dry weather carries a price as Vancouver water supplies dwindle 2009.09.23 Vancouver Sun

Canada-Quebec Partnership for the Construction of Two Drinking Water Treatment Centres in Baie-Comeau 2009.09.21 MarketWire
Yet another Building Canada Fund announcement with no details on when work will begin or jobs will be created. N.B. this announcement comes with conditions for the federal funding to actually be made available.

$170k for Remedial Action Plans Program 2009.09.21 Thunder Bay Net News Ledger

Tory waste-water policy will punish taxpayers: cities 2009.09.20 National Post
If playing the federal infrastructure lottery game isn't working for municipalities, perhaps some 'outfrastructure' might be in order. One way to reduce waste-water costs is to reduce the volume being treated. Rain barrels can help with storm-related overflows and the Water Saver can help reduce waste-water volumes if installed on a widespread basis.

Saltspring Island ferry allots only 15 minutes washroom time 2009.09.19 Victoria Times-Colonist

Health Ills Abound as Farm Runoff Fouls Wells 2009.09.17 New York Times

Victoria residents may pay more for using less water 2009.09.12 Vancouver Sun
An interesting article that shows the odd position of many Canadian municipal water services regarding water conservation. One on hand, a water & wastewater service provider may offer incentives for certain water conservation measures (but not others - like our Water Saver), and then threaten to raise rates for consumers because the water conservation measures were effective.

Canada and New Brunswick invest in Quispamsis infrastructure 2009.09.10 The Gov Monitor
(This is just one of a raft of federal re-announcements of funding. However, none of these announcements includes details of the date that the projects broke ground or jobs were created because the government processes for getting things going are so cumbersome that most of these projects won't actually break ground until 2010. The reality is that unemployment is continuing to rise in Canada and these initiatives are not addressing that reality in a timely manner.)

In Great Lakes, Invasive Species Create Labor Quandary 2009.09.04 In These Times

Food & Water Watch Lauds Canadian Medical Association’s Stance Against Triclosan 2009.09.01 Common Dreams

Town's quest for water reminder that 'Third World' conditions exist in Canada 2009.08.30

Many miss water treatment deadline 2009.08.26 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Bottled water – Do you know what you’re drinking? 2009.08.25 Thunder Bay NetNews Ledger

Americans starting to recognize water shortages 2009.08.25 Guelph Mercury

Bord Na Mona Signs Pan-canadian Distribution Agreement With Emco Corporation 2009.08.25 PRLog

City water-meter deal was changed at 11th hour 2009.08.20 Montreal Gazette

Feds still hearing sewage plant concerns 2009.08.20 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

News Article: Bottled water – Do you know what you’re drinking? 2009.08.18 Environmental Communication Options

No start on flood fix for 'couple of years', O'Brien says 2009.08.11 Ottawa Citizen
This for a problem identified in 2002, on which the city had a flood risk and mitigation study completed in 2003, and which has suffered 3 "storms of the century" in just over a decade.

Insurance firms want bigger city sewers 2009.08.10

we've literally saved hundreds of gallons of municipal water in the last three months 2009.08.06 Charlottetown Guardian

Water damage claims jump: insurance bureau 2009.08.07
Rain barrels, anyone?

Prentice proposes stronger waste-water rules 2009.08.06

GE ‘Buy American’ Water-Filter Shortage Strands Work 2009.08.06 Bloomberg

Island towns take hard line on watering 2009.08.01 Victoria Times-Colonist

What's a 100-year storm anyway? 2009.07.30 Ottawa Citizen

Water use restricted in Fraser Valley 2009.07.29 Globe & Mail

Water ban necessary to keep citizens safe 2009.07.28 Abbotsford-Mission Times

Winnipeg Water utility OK'd 2009.07.23 Winnipeg Sun

Winnipeggers battle city proposal to privatize water system 2009.07.21 Globe & Mail

Water, sewer projects approved print this article 2009.07.19 Northern Pen

I can wash my car, but I’m not allowed to water the lawn 2009.07.19 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

More sewage plant woes for HRM 2009.07.16

Hydroelectricity: The Versatile Renewable 2009.07.12 PennEnergy

A lake of oil to bring our bottled water 2009.07.10 BC Local News

City council should say no to P3 on water 2009.07.10 Winnipeg Free Press

Eat Great Lakes fish with caution: Environmental Defence 2009.07.10 CanWest News Service

Program targets litterbugs 2009.07.10 London Free Press

Tories taken to court over environmental assessments for stimulus projects 2009.07.08 Journal of Commerce

Canada-Quebec Partnership to Benefit Montreal 2009.07.08 Marketwire

Debate about water utility not deep enough 2009.07.06 Winnipeg Free Press

Grants support projects to improve LoW water quality 2009.07.06 Lake of the Woods Enterprise

The Unintended Consequences of Buy American 2009.07.02 The Métropolitain

Artificial Sweeteners Stay in the Water Supply 2009.07.01 Natural News

From Fires To Floods 2009.06.30 Canadian Underwriter

Youth have much to offer water policy 2009.06.29 Slave River Journal

Buy American lives on as Environmental Protection Agency talks tough 2009.06.29 Canadian Press

Ont. slacking over sewage oversight, says report 2009.06.28

Stimulus cash needs to go right down the drain 2009.06.26 Globe and Mail

Thousands of municipal drinking water projects in U.S. and Canada are moving forward 2009.06.22 The Environment Expert

Global Membrane Bioreactors Market to Reach $1.3 Billion by 2015 2009.06.22 PRWeb

Eight regions declare drought a disaster 2009.06.20 Calgary Herald

Rankin to city hall: Flush out sewage info 2009.06.20 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Quebec needs full inquiry into the construction industry 2009.06.19 Montreal Gazette

Pipeline Renewal Program (PRECO): A Canada-Quebec Partnership to Benefit the Monteregie Region 2009.06.16 Marketwire
Note: this announcement comes under the Quebec Infrastructure Plan, which dates back to at least January 2008, and not the 2009 federal economic stimulus package.

Communities of Tomorrow trying to invest in Saskatchewan 2009.06.15 Regina Leader-Post

Victoria to stop sending untreated sewage to sea 2009.06.10 SeattlePI

IJC hosts Superior hearing on lake water levels 2009.06.09 Superior Telegram

Sheldon Alberts: U.S. municipal spending 'paralyzed' by Buy American provisions 2009.06.09 National Post

Let’s band together and clean up the water 2009.06.06 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Upgrades coming to Pilot Butte, Balgonie water treatment systems 2009.06.05 Regina Leader-Post
This is one more in the recent flood of announcements and re-announcements of money from the Building Canada Fund, the Communities Adjustment Fund and the Economic Action Plan infrastructure stimulus package. I picked this one because it acknowledges the tendering process and admits work is not likely to begin this summer or even early fall. Instead, it targets late fall to early winter (meaning 2010) for work to begin.

Feds take a pass 2009.06.04 Red Deer Advocate

Power to the people 2009.06.04 Lac du Bonnet Leader

Feds tell Halifax to stem flow of sewage 2009.06.04 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Environment Canada investigates raw sewage dumping in Halifax Harbour 2009.06.03

Areas receive Building Canada funding 2009.06.03 The Sunny South News

Preparing water to last into future 2009.06.02 100 Mile House Free Press

Of fields and faucets 2009.06.01 Dalhousie University News

Just in time for tourism season: floatables in Halifax Harbour again 2009.05.29 The Coast

‘Floaties' return to Halifax waterfront 2009.05.29 Globe & Mail

Town celebrates $14M water upgrades 2009.05.28 Orangeville Citizen
Here's the original funding announcement, dated 2006.09.12, almost 3 years earlier. Presumably the proposal had to be submitted sometime before that, likely late in 2005. This kind of time lag is why I am skeptical of any beneficial impact from the federal government's current economic stimulus package showing up in the near-term.

Rain barrels used to ease sewage surges 2009.05.27
Just like I recommended in The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy (pages 231 to 236).

Cabin in the woods: Peace, tranquility and bureaucracy 2009.05.26 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Water is what they know 2009.05.26 Montreal Gazette

Fish on drugs 2009.05.25 Toronto Sun

FCM grants help city get greener 2009.05.20 Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal

Municipal infrastructure money announced 2009.05.19 Placentia Charter
Note: this is an announcement under the old Building Canada Fund, not the 2009 Economic Stimulus package. Also, no word on work will actually start or the money will actually flow.

Rethinking our priorities on water 2009.05.15 Comox Valley Echo

The high price of water 2009.05.15 Squamish Chief

Esker studies reassure residents as to state of drinking water 2009.05.13 La Nouvelle

Better water management 'imperative' 2009.05.11 National Post

Chlorine-exposed worker not harmed, Corner Brook mayor says 2009.05.08

Livestock main source of E. coli: study 2009.05.05 Ottawa Citizen

The battle over the world's purest water 2009.05.04 Globe & Mail

Water rates must fall if Saint John plans to grow: deputy mayor 2009.04.30

Passé the bottled water 2009.04.29 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Vancouver Unbottles It in Time for Olympics 2009.04.30 Alberta Talks

Ottawa's bottled water bill tops $15-million over the past five years 2009.04.29 Globe & Mail

Council considers $50 Million for new sewage plant 2009.04.29 Timmins Times

Open letter calls on federal Liberals to recognize water as a human right 2009.04.28 BC Scene

Bottled water could be losing its sparkle due to landfill concerns and high quality municipal water 2009.04.28 Bathurst Northern Light

Is our municipal water safe enough to drink? 2009.04.28 Sault Ste. Marie this week

Looking for funding 2009.04.28

New development at former Oak Bay Beach Hotel site takes green building to heart 2009.04.27 Journal of Commerce

Georgian Bay communities gather to discuss plan for waterfront 2009.04.21 Wasaga Sun

Mayor's feeling heat on ethics 2009.04.19 Montreal Gazette

Deadline demanded for water meter probe 2009.04.18 Montreal Gazette

Water, Business & Sustainability 2009.04.16

Less water, higher rates inevitable, SoCal manager says 2009.04.16 Ventura County Star

Town may seek federal funding for Cortel campus 2009.04.15 Innisfil Scope

Keeping drinking water clean and clear 2009.04.16 Goldsteam News Gazette

Ultra-violet filter keeps chlorine out of lake 2009.04.15 Goderich Signal-Star

Municipal waterworks projects keep London-area contractors optimistic2009.04.15 Daily Commercial News

MP: Ottawa failing to address B.C. 2009.04.15 CanWest News Service

Village seeks Saskatoon water 2009.04.14 Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

Wainfleet still boiling 2009.04.14 Welland Tribune

Couple barreling ahead with container manufacturing 2009.04.12 Urbana News-Gazette

Waterworks contract is an indictment of mayor's competence 2009.04.11 Montreal Gazette

Our good water isn't quite good enough 2009.04.11 Nanaimo Daily News

Region gets top marks for water quality 2009.04.09

Water, water everywhere, but how many drops to drink? 2009.04.06 National Post

Calgary latest Canadian community to look at safety of fluoride in water 2009.04.05 Canadian Press

No bottled water ban for City of Calgary buildings 2009.04.02


Process started to end fluoride treatment of Tottenham drinking water 2009.03.31 New Tecumseth Free Press Online

Inspection gaps raise water-quality questions 2009.03.31 Canadian Press

Seaway's 50th no reason to cheer: Environmental groups 2009.03.30 Montreal Gazette

Water woes plague Hepburn 2009.03.26 Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

Time to chew on fluoride issue 2009.03.26 Calgary Herald

Why Canada needs a water policy 2009.03.25 Edmonton Journal

Put the lid on bottled water 2009.03.23 Kings County Advertiser

County wants to use gas tax money for Kingsport water project 2009.03.22

The Story of EAU 2009.03.21 Ottawa Citizen

To justify degradation, just cite the economy 2009.03.21 Toronto Star

Feds, province pony up for New Maryland project 2009.03.21 Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Toast Public Water This World Water Day, Says NS Coalition 2009.03.20 MarketWire

Where’s the money? Arnprior mayor wonders why town has been passed over by infrastructure fund 2009.03.20 Ottawa Citizen

Royal Bank of Canada kicks off Blue Water Year on World Water Day 2009.03.20 WebWire

The cost of bottled water 2009.03.20 London Free Press

Canada's Economic Action Plan Delivers New Water Treatment System for Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation in Quebec 2009.03.19 Marketwire

No tap vs. bottle war 2009.03.18 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Letters | Canada needs a national water strategy 2009.03.18 Saint John Telegraph-Journal

Wingham will take part in rain barrel project 2009.03.18 Wingham Advance-Times

Quebec City water specialist wins total of $24.6 million in contracts 2009.03.17 Montreal Gazette

Canada, N.B. gov'ts invest in Petitcodiac infrastructure 2009.03.17 Kings County Record

Feds to test taps for cancer contaminants 2009.03.17 Prince George Citizen

Majority of Canadians consider water to be Canada's most important natural resource 2009.03.17 Canada NewsWire

Council of Canadians and CUPE Launch Blue Communities Project for World Water Day 2009.03.16 Earth Times

Bring back water fountains in city buildings: councillors 2009.03.10 Ottawa Citizen

Without a paddle 2009.03.09 Winnipeg Sun

Going to town on bottled water (FCM urges bottled water ban) 2009.03.08 Toronto Star

Pipe company given cash to start inspection project 2009.03.06 The Mississauga News

Russell sewage lagoon project receives top spot on priority list 2009.03.05 L'Argenteuil

Raise a glass to toast clean tap water on World Water Day 2009.03.05 The Timmins Daily Press

Municipalities' group to vote on proposal to restrict bottled-water sales 2009.03.05 Globe & Mail

Mayor talks about Great Lakes issues at provincial conference 2009.03.04 Blue Mountains Courier Herald

Chlorine plant security questioned after arrest 2009.03.04 WaterTech Online

NAFTA and the Unmanning of North America 2009.03.03 Miller McCune

Our current concerns 2009.03.02 Montreal Gazette

Big bucks for Middleton, AR, Kingston 2009.02.01

Mount A. conference examines how to plan communities amid a changing climate 2009.02.28 Times & Transcript

'Green' Aldergrove project gets fed cash 2009.02.28 Aldergrove Star

Government of Canada Announces Additional Projects to Clean-Up Lake Simcoe 2009.02.27 MSNBC

The cost of safer water? $13.1M 2009.02.27 Flin Flon Daily Reminder

Water for all by 2030 not a pipe dream 2009.02.27 Nairobi Business Daily

More Calgarians using less water, says city report 2009.02.26 Calgary Metro

New water, sewer rates seen as outrageous 2009.02.26 Summerside Journal Pioneer

Water meters becoming hot topic 2009.02.25 North Bay Nugget

Pickering residents hammer Region on odour facility 2009.02.25

Infrastructure cash for sewer plant 2009.02.25 Clearview Stayner Sun

Town irked over letter 2009.02.25 Lac du Bonnet Leader

Ottawa-Gatineau WaterShed site launched, including a Map Gallery 2009.02.24

Water line break affects all of the north end 2009.02.24 Cold Lake Sun 2009.02.24 Hamilton Spectator

Reducing Pollution in Northern Sewage 2009.02.24 Slave River Journal

Town’s pipe system deemed ‘excellent’ 2009.02.24 Didsbury Review

Sewage plant explosion sends worker to hospital 2009.02.23

Southwest receives $6.7 million in federal dollars through Building Canada Fund 2009.03.23 Southwest Booster

Steinbach plans 49% water price hike 2009.02.23

A pale shade of Green 2009.02.22. Winnipeg Free Press

Canadian water repeats as Berkeley Springs champ 2009.02.22 The Times West Virginia

Municipality to receive $13 million for water, sewer projects 2009.02.21 Sun-Times
But nobody's asking the question (let alone answering it), 'If this is supposed to represent immediate economic stimulus, when will the construction actually begin and the cash start flowing in the local economy?'

$3.5m set for towns’ waste water treatment 2009.02.21 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

‘It’s raining money’ say Lemieux and Lalonde undated
Let's take a closer look at this apparent cash cornucopia.
First, this is a federal announcement, so until both the province and the municipality each pony up $12-million each, nothing happens.
Second, consider this quote from a federal Liberal press release dated 2009.02.15:
"In the first year following the launch of the $8.8-billion Building Canada Fund, the Conservative government flowed zero funding to infrastructure projects. Worse, last week officials at Infrastructure Canada admitted that of the $1.5 billion announced in its first two years of budgeted spending, only $80 million has flowed for municipal infrastructure projects across the country."
Third, by the time an RFP is issued, tenders received and evaluated, a winner determined, a contract signed, the contractor ramps up to do the work, gets feet on the ground, and something sufficiently completed to warrant issuing an invoice under the contract, and the invoice actually gets paid (after the municipality actually gets the federal and provincial shares promised, it will undoubtedly be well into 2010. Let's hope the winning contractor has enough cash or credit (which apparently is tight) to be able to pay for labour and materials from when they are needed until the municipality shells out for the work done. More on the 2009 federal budget and alleged stimulus package.
Finally, let's remember, this is all tax money, coming out of our pockets at the end of the day.

Winning Brands Is a Smart Choice for Dry Cleaners -- Again 2009.02.20 CNN Money

Water limits in oilsands just first step, critic says 2009.02.19 Edmonton Journal

Concrete company has to pay $25,000 for polluting 2009.02.19 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Some of these links may no longer work due to the age of the items and practice of media outlets to move or remove older news items.

Lipton residents without water 2009.02.19 Leader Post

Fight for your right to navigate 2009.02.19 Fart Forward Weekly

Funding announced for Dundalk, Wellington North 2009.02.19 Mount Forest Confederate

Environmentalists welcome waste-water standards but criticize timeline 2009.02.18 Canadian Press

Oilpatch to see new rules on water use 2009.02.18 Edmonton Journal

County water project cost drops 2009.02.18 Grande-Prairie Herald-Tribune

Heavy rain will bring more area flooding 2009.02.18 London Free Press

Russia: global warming to cause droughts, floods 2009.02.18 Associated Press
(As a northern country, Canada may face many of the same issues covered in this article.)

Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment: Environment Ministers Collaborate on Climate Change 2009.02.17 MSNBC

A World Without Water 2009.02.16 The Nation

Environmental Issues Influencing Household Purchasing Decisions, reports StatsCan 2009.02.10
(like the Water Saver toilet fill diverter?)

Cramahe set to grow with sewage expansion 2009.02.17 Northumberland Today

Saving jobs and the environment 2009.02.14 St. Catharines Standard
Another approach would be to reduce the immediate storm flow to the sewage treatment system using residential rainbarrels, cisterns and community catch-basins which would provide water appropriate for irrigation without it having been subjected to expensive municipal treatment raising it to drinking water standards, while also reducing the underlying sewage volume by use of ULF toilets and even more cost-effective technology like the Water Saver toilet fill diverter.

Funding flows for sewage plant 2009.02.14 Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal

City shelves water service extension plan 2009.02.13 Trentonian

Money pours in for water meters 2009.02.13 North Bay Nugget

Great Lakes not enough to quench water shortage: Report 2009.02.12 Montreal Gazette

Municipalities lay groundwork for federal infrastructure funds 2009.02.12 Penticton Western News

Perfect storm for floods 2009.02.12 London Free Press

New provincial funds to upgrade Stettler water treatment plant 2009.02.11 Stettler Independent 2009.02.11 Welland Tribune

Council meeting heats up over sewer stink 2009.02.11 Nanton News

Utility rates to jump 34 per cent 2009.02.11 Nelson Star

Port Hope protects old watermains 2009.02.11 The Independent

Tri-project is shovel ready 2009.02.10 Lakeshore Advance

Environmental Issues Influence Consumer Habits 2009.02.10

We get more water -- and certainly more water woes -- than we pay for 2009.02.06 Vancouver Sun

Quebec Provide the Municipality of Saint-Raphael With a First Payment of $190,375 2009.02.06 Marketwire

City worker charged in water scam 2009.02.06 Toronto Star

Water Underpriced and Overconsumed in Canada; Pricing Reform Needed: C.D. Howe Institute 2009.02.05 CNW Group

Mayor pushes sewer, water project 2009.02.05 Thunder Bay Chronical Journal

The city has saved 21,000 cubic metres of water used in its centralized irrigation system 2009.02.04 City of Airdrie

Radiation found in sludge from Ottawa sewage treatment plant 2009.02.03

Harbour solution requires team effort 2009.01.31 London Free Press

Bottled Waters Lose Their Effervescence 2009.01.30 BusinessWeek magazine

Councillor asks for one more shot to make Kingsport water project a reality 2009.01.30

RM advocates regional water plant 2009.01.29 Lac Dubonnet Leader

BPA Builds Up, Stays in the Body 2009.01.29 NewsInferno

Basement Technologies Receives Patent for Eco-Friendly Solution to Water Drainage Problems 2009.01.29 PRWeb Newswire

Ont. mayors want answers over radioactive spill 2009.01.29 London Free Press

Waterline starts up 2009.01.28 Lacombe Globe

Water by the numbers 2009.01.28 Star Tribune

Get shovels in the ground 2009.01.29 Victoria Star

Municipalities seek cash details 2009.01.28 London Free Press

Barlow paints bleak picture of global freshwater crisis 2009.01.27 Brockville Recorder and Times

Strings attached to infrastructure funds 2009.01.27 Globe & Mail

Feds pay up on Hamilton Township water bill 2009.01.27 Northumberland Today

The war against water bottles 2009.01.25 Toronto Sun

Report says infrastructure in Victoria is near collapse 2009.01.25 Victoria Times Colonist

Avoiding bottled water keeps you, planet healthy 2009.01.24 Windsor Star

Short-term stimulus will just repeat errors of the past 2009.01.24 Globe & Mail

Water meter reading made easy 2009.01.21 Whitecourt Star

Oil companies ordered to minimize water use 2009.01.21 Fort MacMurray Today

Province tells oil outfits to refrain from using Athabasca River waters 2009.01.21 Metro Edmonton

N.L. town declares state of emergency 2009.01.21 Windsor Star

Water, water everywhere, and all the pipes still leak 2009.01.20 Montreal Gazette

Report urges greening of water infrastructure 2009.01.19 Vancouver Sun

Uproar at council - Cardinal plans to take concerns to provincial auditor 2009.01.16 Lac du Bonnet Leader

Rexnord unit to buy Canadian firm 2009.01.16 The Business Journal of Milwaukee

Municipality votes to turn on the tap - Barrington municipal facilities ditching bottled water 2009.01.15

Canada's freshwater supply at risk without urgent action 2009.01.15 Canada NewsWire

Highlights of the “shovel ready” project list 2009.01.15 Daily Commercial News

City applauded for efforts to cut back bottled water 2009.01.15 Guelph Mercury

Lead taints city's water 2009.01.14 Toronto Star

Cold to test municipal water mains 2009.01.12 Montreal Gazette

Group opposes Epcor control of sewage plant 2009.01.12 Calgary Herald

Town getting sewage upgrade 2009.01.12 Halifax Chronicle Herald

Region plays hardball with developers 2009.01.10 Oakville Beaver

Rains taper off, threat of mudslides remain in flooded B.C. community 2009.01.10 Edmonton Sun

Speakers urge support for public water 2009.01.09 Niagara This Week

Municipal leaders eager for federal funds 2009.01.09 Midland Mirror

Getting the lead out 2009.01.08 Gander Beacon

City cutting back on salting roadways 2009.01.07 Belleville Intelligencer

Town cuts fluoride from water supply 2009.01.06 News Drayton Valley

Should city go back to the tap? 2009.01.06 Kingston Whig-Standard

N.S. seeks farmers for water demand study 2009.01.06 Country Guide

Sask. town where hotel burned down having water problems 2009.01.05

Recommendations For Inverhuron Sewar-Water Upgrade 2009.01.05 CKNX Radio

‘Ball in developers’ court’: Carr 2009.01.04 Burlington Post

Getting it right 2009.01.01 St. John Telegraph-Journal

Region to beef up drinking water testing 2008.12.30 Brampton Guardian

Preston to push for cleanup 2008.12.31 London Free Press

Barlow discusses banning bottled water 2008.12.30 Welland Tribune

Estimated water bills cause headache for town 2008.12.23 Strathmore Standard

Detroit using Canadian water since 1964 2008.12.23

Town looks to Ottawa, province for funds 2008.12.22 St. John Telegraph-Journal

Portsiders fume about plume 2008.12.21 London Free Press

'We have a crisis here' 2008.12.20 Edmonton Sun

Watermain breaks leaves town without water 2008.12.19 Taber Times

Water, sewer rates going up in community 2008.12.19 Fredericton Daily Gleaner

City considers storing septage 2008.12.18 Pembroke Daily Observer

Water, sewer fees to go up 2008.12.18 Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Build 20 homes, and just add water 2008.12.17 Caledon Enterprise

Water, waste, leaking pipes and the money question 2008.12.16 Financial Post

Water treatment plant a year late 2008.12.16 North Bay Nugget

Big cities banning environmental blights such as bags, bottles 2008.12.16 Sault Ste. Marie This Week

Council approves 6.3% sewer, water rate increase 2008.12.16 North Bay Nugget

Cities threatened by global warming 2008.12.16 Calgary Herald

Residents upset at water quality 2008.12.15 The Labradorian

Bottled water ban makes sense: watchdog 2008.12.15 Kingston Whig-Standard

Trying to restore a river 2008.12.14 Observer

Residents savour the smell of success 2008.11.13 Kingston Whig-Standard

Bottled water opponents make 'ridiculous' argument 2008.12.12 Brockville Recorder and Times

Toronto stood up to bottled water industry 2008.12.11 Toronto Star

Redditt Board applies for water treatment funding 2008.12.08 Lake of the Woods Enterprise

Water bottlers to lose $4m 2008.12.06 Fiji Times

Water revelations prompt city action 2008.12.05 Flin Flon Reminder

Council approves fluoride in drinking water 2008.12.04 Gander Beacon

Council to hold off decision on water meters until after public meeting 2008.12.02 Asphodel-Norwood Communtiy Press

GSE Evacuated Tube Solar Collector Garners CSA Certification 2008.12.02 Solar Industry Magazine

Nestlé advertisement misleading, groups allege 2008.12.01 Globe and Mail

Cast Iron water pipe replacement on the horizon 2008.11.28 Dunnville Chronicle

Developer keeps eyes on prize 2008.11.28 North Shore News

Lead in tap water worries residents 2008.11.26 Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

Investment in water infrastructure benefits Centre Wellington 2008.11.25 CNW Group

Georgian Bay watershed still troubled 2008.11.21 Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin

Water ban debate does not need partial truths: councillor 2008.11.21 Midland Free Press

New Niagara Escarpment Quarry Proposal Headed to Ontario Municipal Board 2008.22.20 CNW Group

Council supports use of water meters 2008.11.20 Asphodel-Norwood Community Press

Union seeks public input on water utility before vote 2008.11.20 Winnipeg Sun

Dental prof: Water fluoridation needless 2008.11.18

Cobourg applies for water plant upgrade cash 2008.11.17 Northumberland News

Financial crisis won't restrict region's borrowing 2008.11.17 Waterloo Record

BC cleantech uses municipal wastewater to make fertilizer 2008.11.14 Laboratory Product News

Halton wants to stop fluoridating water 2008.11.14 Hamilton Spectator

Concerned about lead in the water 2008.11.13 Welland Tribune

Costly upgrades to sewage plant will save town money 2008.11.12 Kapuskasing Northern Times

The best-kept biopharmaceutical secret in Belleville 2008.11.12 Belleville Community Press

Let's Get the Facts Right on Water Bottles 2008.11.10 Timmins Press (letter to the editor)

U.S. Steel faces three charges 2008.11.07 Hamilton Spectator

Wetland Loss Hammers Lake Winnipeg and Manitoba's Environment 2008.11.07

Everyone should pay for taking water 2008.11.05 Guelph Mercury

City water system receives award 2008.11.05 New Brunswick Business Journal (see 2nd story in article)

Waterloo Mother Wins Higher Protection For Environment At OMB 2008.11.04 KW Now

Chlorine-free sewage treatment getting test run 2008.11.04 St. Catharines Standard

Airport, local stakeholders team up to form eco-business zone 2008.11.01 Walkerton Herald-Times

Why Big Banks May End up Buying Your City's Public Water System 2008.10.31 AlterNet

City wants more money for watermain 2008.10.31 Cornwall Standard-Freeholder

Canada can choose to be a global innovation leader in clean energy, water technology and regenerative medicine 2008.10.30 CNW Group

Where Have All the Water Fountains Gone? 2008.10.29

Perth-Andover applies for Building Canada funds 2008.10.29 Victoria Star

Report reveals deficit in municipal facilities 2008.10.29 Kapuskasing Northern Times

Interest dries up at Nestlé open house 2008.10.28 Guelph Mercury

Safe water depends on science, not politics, conference told 2008.10.27 Winnipeg Free Press

TROJAN'S EFFORTS LAUDED 2008.10.27 London Free Press

Maude Barlow: the Al Gore of H2O 2008.10.25 Globe and Mail

Movement Against Bottled Water Gains Municipal Adherents 2008.10.24 New York Times

Bigger is better - St. Clements ordered to expand sewer projec/A> 2008.10.24 Selkirk Journal

LiveSmart Community Heroes 2008.10.24 Langley Advance

Mop-up work continues on St-Isidore water project 2008.10.23 Vision Rockland

Plug leaks in our water infrastructure 2008.10.22 Toronto Star

Wastewater technology helps clean up resource industries 2008.10.20 CBC News

Miltonvale Park residents worried about impact of city water-supply plan 2008.10.18 Charlottetown Guardian

Walkerton study finds higher risk of kidney damage but not of diabetes 2008.10.16 Canadian Press

Ontario Applauds U.S. Ratification Of Great Lakes Water Compact 2008.10.16 CNW Group

Bottled water sales face cap 2008.10.14 Guelph Mercury

Time to make crumbling water infrastructure a priority 2008.10.07 CNW Group

CUPE calls for full public disclosure on Nova Scotia P3's 2008.10.07 CNW Group

Swim Among the Water Stocks 2008.10.06 Washington Post

Picton water treatment plant would be unique 2008.10.04 Bellville Intelligencer

Deputy mayor defends efforts of St. George’s council on water issue 2008.10.03 Western Star

Firm introduces 25-cent deposit to combat water-bottle litter 2008.10.02 Globe and Mail

Party Leaders Urged to Sign Pledge for a Toxics-Free Great Lakes 2008.10.02 MarketWire

Diesel spill leaves islanders without water 2008.10.02 Kingston Whig-Standard

Ebb without Flow: Water May Be the New Oil in a Thirsty Global Economy 2008.10.01 Knowledge@Wharton

Town hopes for piece of the pie 2008.10.01 Midnorth Monitor

GE deal helps Atco Group take plunge into water business 2008.10.01 Edmonton Journal

High stakes in Canada’s vast oil-sands fields 2008.09.30 Christian Science Monitor

Nestlé to fight water bottle ban in schools 2008.09.30 Guelph Mercury

Taking on an issue 2008.09.30 Montreal Gazette

Upgrades needed 2008.09.29 Gander Beacon

Tap into the environment 2008.09.27 Halifax Chronicle Herald

New plant would end boil orders: expert 2008.09.27 St. John Telepgraph-Journal

Fort Simpson foots large repair bill 2008.09.25 Northern News Service

Bottled water bans in place in Waterloo, ahead in Guelph 2008.09.25 The Ontarion

School board will investigate banning sale of bottled water in local schools 2008.09.25 Wellington Advertiser

The future of drinking water a top priority for council 2008.09.25 St. John Telegraph-Journal

Foundation brings water issues into spotlight 2008.09.22 St. John Telegraph-Journal

The power of sludge 2008.09.22 Montreal Gazette

Waterloo Region bans bottled water sales 2008.09.19 Montreal Gazette

Callander bans sale of bottled water 2008.09.18 North Bay Nugget

Falls looks at water bottle ban 2008.09.17 Niagara This Week

Encorp Pacific (Canada): British Columbians Do a Good Job of Recycling Plastic Water Bottles 2008.09.17 Marketwire

School board bans sale of bottled water in schools 2008.09.17 Guelph Mercury

Restrictions still in effect to curb water use in DOI 2008.09.18 Invermere Valley Echo

Cameco Updates Status of Port Hope Conversion Plant 2008.09.16 Fox Business

Ending the bottled water era 2008.09.15 McGill Daily

What Chemicals Are in Tap Water? Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water? 2008.09.15 Times of the Internet

West Quebec wants to ban lawnmowing near lakes 2008.09.14 Ottawa Citizen

Shippers, activists clash over cargo sweeping 2008.09.13 Chicago Tribune

Water debate boiling over 2008.09.12 Sarnia Observer

46 million in U.S. have drugs in drinking water 2008.09.11 MSNBC

Wright seeks bottled water ban 2008.09.10 Owen Sound Sun Times

Waterloo Region sends a message to water bottlers 2008.09.09 CNW Group

Montreal not to ban bottled water, yet 2008.09.08 McGill Daily

TROJAN EXPANDS CAPACITY 2008.09.08 London Free Press (see 2nd item in column)

Bottled water on slippery slope 2008.09.06 National Post

Charlottetown to expand sewer and water systems 2008.09.05 The Summerside Journal Pioneer

Town's water tower project important milestone: MP 2008.09.05 St. John Telegraph Journal

Canada and Yukon Fund Water Supply System in Haines Junction 2008.09.05 Marketwire

Construction of Water Pipeline Project Launched 2008.09.05 Government of Canada

Water upgrade clears hurdle 2008.09.05 Owen Sound Sun Times

FCM's Green Municipal Fund Commits $51,189 to the Town of Quispamsis for Groundwater Resource and Energy Management Plans 2008.09.04 CNW Group

Recycling your water 2008.09.04 North York Town Crier

Nestlé Waters Letter to the Editor 2008.09.03 Barrie Examiner

Saint John may pull plug on bottled water in city buildings 2008.09.02

Tap water access on campuses declining: Survey 2008.09.01

Potential Bottled water ban is symbolic - and hypocritical 2008.09.01 Saint John Telegraph-Journal

City gets federal funds for water system upgrades 2008.08.31 North Bay Nugget 2008.08.31 Toronto Sun

City of Ottawa uncovers 9 potential sewage spills since 1998 2008.08.29

water upgrades for Middle Musquodoboit 2008.08.29 Enfield Weekly Press

Orillia Port sediment contains heavy metals 2008.08.28 Orillia Packet & Times

Treatment plant in Cambridge, Ontario gets $23 million upgrade 2008.08.28 Daily Construction News

Ban the Bottle? Water activists push for ban of bottled water in city buildings 2008.08.23 Guelph Mercury

Wasting tax dollars on bottled water 2008.08.23 St. Catharine's Standard (editorial)

Costly bottled water brings no benefits 2008.08.23 Moncton Times & Transcript

FOCUS: Oil boom or environmental bust?, 08-24-08 2008.08.22 Fall River Herald News

Trouble on Tap - Pictou's brown water particularly brown this year 2008.08.22 Pictou County News

Halifax cutting back on bottled water 2008.08.22 Halifax Chronical Herald

Should bottles be banned? Movement afoot to do away with bottled water in city facilities 2008.08.22 Peterborough Examiner

Beaconsfield families pledge year-long boycott 2008.08.22 Montreal Gazette

Montreal picks recycling over ban on plastic water bottles 2008.08.21 Regina Leader-Post

Municipalities, Citizens Out Of Sink On Bottled Water 2008.08.21

Mutton has thirst to ban bottled water at council 2008.08.21 Northumberland Today

Water plant gets federal grant 2008.08.21 Northumberland News

Insurance Bureau of Canada calls for national action plan on infrastructure 2008.08.21 Daily Commercial News

NIAGARA RIVER: Officials discuss cleanup 2008.08.20 Grand Island Record

Rain drains water consumption revenue 2008.08.20 Globe and Mail

Giving bottled water the boot 2008.08.20 Daily Gleaner

School board ponders bottle ban 2008.08.20 London Free Press

London, Ont., to ban bottled water on city premises despite beverage industry protests 2008.08.19 CBC News

Religious Social Action Coalition Gets Involved in Byelections 2008.08.19 VOCM Radio

Putting a cap on our bottlemania 2008.08.19 Globe and Mail

Bottled water ban OK'd 2008.08.19 London Free Press

London, Ont., to vote on giving bottled water the boot 2008.08.18 CBC News

First it was plastic bags. Now water bottles are the new faux pas 2008.08.18 Globe and Mail

Beach closures 2008.08.15 Tribune-Express

$8.7m water upgrade a start, but much more needed, towns say 2008.08.14 Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Oromocto boil order still in place 2008.08.14 Moncton Times & Transcript

Majority of Canadians see water as a human right 2008.08.14 Northunberland Today (letter to the editor)

Whelp Creek diversion stopped 2008.08.12 Lacombe Globe

Constructed wetlands: A new tool for protecting our watershed 2008.08.12 Bugle-Observer

Government of Canada Supports Clean Water in Kapuskasing 2008.08.12 Canada News Centre

Committee supports bottled water ban after harsh debate 2008.08.12 London Free Press

Hebron and Starrs Road projects among infrastructure programs announced 2008.08.12 Nova News Now

Council approves $1.5-M in wastewater upgrades 2008.07.29 Lacombe Globe

Water Saving Tips for Your Lawn and Garden 2008.08.07 Waterloo Exchange Morning Post

Water meters in future for Russell Township homes 2008.08.07 Vision Rockland

Region receives infrastructure funding for Brooklyn 2008.08.07 Nova News Now

Health Officials Bite Back On Fluoridated Water Debate 2008.08.07 CityNews
Provincial statistics on water fluoridation

Water rate debate in South Huron 2008.08.06 Bayshore Broadcasting

Old Milton's water to remain fluoride free despite report 2008.08.06 Milton Canadian Champion

Government of Canada supports clean water in Orangeville 2008.08.06 Canada News Wire

Mechtronix Systems Inc. and the City of Edmonton sign a partnership to deploy the first Valoris(TM) system in North America 2008.08.06 Canada Newswire

Innovative Water-Leakage Modeling Software Addresses Billion-Dollar-A-Year Problem 2008.08.05 Water Online

Water system upgrade helps St. Thomas 2008.08.05 St. Thomas Times Journal

Halifax harbour beaches closed as heavy rains raise bacteria fears 2008.08.05 CBC News

Weekend flooding an "exceptional situation": City 2008.08.04 Montreal Gazette

Nanaimo should feel lucky that it has water aplenty 2008.08.02 Nanaimo Daily News

Dollar signs on Alberta water as those with plenty sell to highest bidders 2008.08.01 Canadian Press

Record rainfall 2008.07.31 Sarnia Observer

Home builders turn to grass driveways 2008.07.31 Times & Transcript

Boiling Point! 2008.07.30 The Dominion Press (Sackville NB)

Cut children's fluoride exposure, report to Health Canada urges 2008.07.29 Globe and Mail

Transcript: Mayor George Heartwell's testimony on the Great Lakes Compact 2008.07.29 Grands Rapids Press

Vancouver Considering Bottled Water Ban In City-Operated Facilities 2008.07.28 AllHeadlineNews

Seair reports third quarter results 2008.07.28 Stockhouse

Perspective: A world-class vision 2008.07.25 Thunder Bay's Source (editorial)

Golf course guzzles hospital water 2008.07.25 Crowsnest Pass Promoter

Youth conduct water audit in Gimli 2008.07.25 Interlake Spectator

Government of Canada supports expansion of water and wastewater servicing in Innisfil 2008.07.24 Canada Newswire Group

$6.2 billion for municipal infrastructure 2008.07.24 London Free Press

HEAD ABOVE WATER - Bottled water is big business, but can we even tell the difference? 2008.07.24 Vue Weekly (Edmonton)

Climate change proves costly to civic works 2008.07.24 Vancouver Sun

Floods a sign of aging infrastructure 2008.07.23 Toronto Star

Nitrogen must go: province 2008.07.23 Winnipeg Free Press

Beaconsfield’s pledge: watershed for one community 2008.07.23 West Island Chronical

Rapid rise in ammonia levels in city waterways blamed on urine 2008.07.23 CBC News

Scientists solve riddle of toxic algae blooms 2008.07.22 Victoria Times Colonist

Officials confident Baker Lake's water is safe to drink 2008.07.21 CBC News

U.S. and Canada Strengthen Great Lakes Cooperation 2008.07.21 Environment News Service

Town avoids polluted water 2008.07.20 Meadow Lake Progress

Your bath water could help save the Earth (grey water) 2008.07.18 CBC News

Pact gives Great Lakes towns, cities more clout on funding issues 2008.07.17 Orleans Star

Municipal District of Willow Creek adopts terms of reference for cumulative effects study 2008.07.16 Nanton News

FCM's Green Municipal Fund Commits $1,600,000 to the City of Corner Brook for Water Meter Installation and Water Main Rehabilitation 2008.07.16 Canada Newswire

No water for tax owers, Deer Lake council says 2008.07.16 CBC News

Funding for South Shore water system upgrades 2008.07.16 The Chronical Herald

NWT communities get infrastructure funds 2008.07.16 Slave River Journal

Biosolids a ‘disaster in waiting’ 2008.07.16 The Independent (Brighton)

$441,000 Investment in East Hereford for New Well Construction 2008.07.14 Government of Canada

Explaining the Myth of Water Abundance in Canada 2008.07.13 Timmins Daily Press

High Ozone Concentration Possible Only in Water-Cooled Ozone Generators is Now Available in Compact Air-Cooled Ozone Generators 2008.07.13

Loni Beach gravity sewer plan panned, praised 2008.07.11 Interlake Spectator

One-third of Canadians buy bottled water 2008.07.11 HazMat Magazine

ARTHUR BLACK: How much is that water? 2008.07.11

Phosphate restrictions under fire 2008.07.11 Globe and Mail

Algae behind bad smell, taste of Winnipeg water 2008.07.10 CBC News

H2O Innovation acquires Itasca Systems 2008.07.10

Red Sea Divide 2008.07.10 Saint John Telegraph-Journal

Water meters upgraded 2008.07.09 Nipawin Journal

Saint John urged to get down to business on its water 2008.07.09 Saint John Telegraph-Journal

Water System Upgrade For Unity (SK) 2008.07.09 NewsTalk 980 Radio

Northern councils urge Shell to halt methane hunt 2008.07.09 Globe & Mail

On the Left Coast, a city buckles under privatization 2008.07.08 Saint John Telegraph-Journal

Upgrades begin at water plant 2008.07.08 Northumberland News


Model to predict pipe replacements 2008.07.07 Edson Leader

Minister Cannon responds: Feds Forge Ahead (letter to the editor) 2008.07.07 The Kingston Whig-Standard

Federal, provincial governments commit $189M to infrastructure of Sask. municipalities 2008.07.07 Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Is bottled water money down the drain? 2008.07.07 Moncton Times & Transcript

Regional water group seek provincial funding 2008.07.04 Pincher Creek Echo

Think Outside the Bottle 2008.07.04 Calgary Herald

Contractor wins 'bid shopping' case against HRM 2008.07.03 CBC News

Hole-y! 150 Ottawa sewer grates stolen in a month 2008.07.03 CBC News

North Saskatchewan River spill identified as naphtha 2008.07.03 Yahoo! News

Town offers look at water treatment plans 2008.07.02 Cochrane Times

Town temporarily turns tap of fluoride 2008.06.30 Drayton Valley Western Review

Old fuel spills a threat to Baker Lake water supply: mayor 2008.06.27 CBC News

Canada's water supply drying up? 2008.06.27 Edmonton Sun

Bottled water verboten at St. John's city hall 2008.06.25 CBC News

Water safe after drilling in watershed, city says (Moncton) 2008.06.12 CBC News

Saint John council rejects public-private partnership for water 2008.06.10 CBC News

Feds mulling regulations on water-wasting toilets, shower heads and faucets 2008.06.08 Prince George Citizen

Every drop of water counts 2008.06.07 Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Popular clamming area closed due to Digby sewage spill 2008.06.02 CBC News

Federal Action Needed: Safe Drinking Water for All Canadians! 2008.05.29 Sierra Club of Canada

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