Curtains for COVID

The Face-shield Curtain for blocking virus transmission

We need better protection from the COVID-19 virus for regular people – available, effective and affordable.

From early March 2020, I have been following the news on COVID-19 (originally ‘novel coronavirus’), as you can see at, and working backwards through the months.

As we have learned more about the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the more it is clear that people do not want to be infected by it. Personal protective measures are necessary, including frequent hand washing with soap, minimizing touching of the face, disinfecting surfaces, isolation, maintaining physical distancing and using barrier protection where it is hard to maintain safe distances from others.

In the course of my research, I became increasing concerned about insufficient supplies of medical grade personal protective equipment (PPE) for front-line medical staff, and the growing interest in the use of cloth face masks as a protective measure for people other than medical staff. Disposal single-use (paper, plastic) masks are going to create a new level of solid waste management and pollution. They should be treated as biohazard waste. (If we didn't think there was a potential biohazard, why are you wearing it?)

Cloth face masks present a lot of issues.

I started thinking about a better solution for regular people, which would be more effective at protecting the wearer and others, be affordable, and reduce the amount of trash being generated by disposable masks.

Face shields were a step forward, but also allow for transmission of virus to the sides and down, rather than forward.

Front view of the face-shield and curtain Front view of a face shield and curtain

Eventually, I hit upon an idea of something which would be better.

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