Curtains for COVID

The Face-shield Curtain for blocking virus transmission

Side view of the face-shield and curtain Side view of ETM face shield and curtain
A face shield with a curtain around the sides and back (Carcajou and ETM models shown).

Still affordable, cleanable and reusable. This is better than a cloth mask because it covers the eyes, fully prevents a forward leakage jet going forward and it stops the wearer from touching their face. This is better than just a face shield as the leakage jet from coughs and sneezes is downward, away from the faces of others. This is designed so it defaults to being worn properly. This is just a concept for the moment, though several prototypes have been built, refining the design to the current version. Next step, deciding how to move to production.

COVID Curtains for Teachers

We see 3 ways of proceeding, and they are not mutually exclusive.

1) Partner with a business (or more than one) which already make face-shields, develop a refined design specific to their existing hardware, and have them sell the curtain as an accessory to their existing face-shield sales. They can determine if they want to supply various colours or patterns for the curtain fabric. They would pay a small licence fee for the right to use our ideas and design, which we will tailor to their existing product. If this idea interests you, please make contact.

2) Businesses which are already making textile products (e.g. cloth masks) could partner with a face shield maker, and make the curtains separately. In this case the company making the curtains would pay the licence fee. If interested, please make contact.

3) Create a generic curtain design which individuals could customize to fit to a face shield they already have or will acquire. (I think you should have 2 curtains so you have a spare when one is being laundered.)
How to get the generic DIY pattern and instructions.

We have now developed patterns for some commercially available face shields.

DIY curtain for the ETM face shield (Renfrew ON area).

Breaking News! Curtains for COVID accepted for the Create the Future Contest

You can see the entry at

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