Curtains for COVID

Face-Shield Issues

The face-shield has a lot going for it.

Other personal protective measures are still better, including frequent hand washing with soap, minimizing touching of the face, disinfecting surfaces, isolation, maintaining physical distancing and using barrier protection where it is hard to maintain safe distances from others. But if you have to go out where physical distancing is difficult or not possible, the face-shield is a solid option.

It doesn't trap the virus tightly against the face. It's hard to wear improperly. It prevents people from touching their face. It is reusable, easy to clean / disinfect, and affordable when you consider the number of times you can reuse it, compared to say the cost of using a couple of hundred disposable masks, or even having three or more cloth masks. It prevents transmission of the virus in the forward direction due to coughing, sneezing, breathing and speaking.

The face-shield has one significant disadvantage: deflection.
When you cough, sneeze, speak or breath out, the air flow - which may contain the virus if the wearer is contagious - hits the inside of the solid face-shield, and then deflects away downward, to the sides and rear. (Most face-shields have a visor to prevent air flow upward.)

To understand the deflection issue, I recommend reading this scientific paper (pre-print).
I found the images to be particularly helpful.

Resolving the deflection issue makes a better solution for personal protection and reducing outward virus transmission.

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