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What is Econogics, Inc.?

Econogics, Inc. is a small consulting company that helps North American businesses improve their bottom line using practices and technologies which are environmentally beneficial. We know this is counter-intuitive for most business people in North America; but we know it works, so we are prepared to take some time showing you how this can work. When it comes to addressing your business and local opportunities, we know that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't make sense. Recovering waste heat for district heating may be attractive in much of Canada, but just doesn't make economic sense in places like southern Florida. Similarly, an oil furnace may not be the best heating solution if scrap wood is available to you at a very low cost and in sufficient quantity.

If your business is interested in: cutting operating costs; obtaining competitive advantage; positioning your firm to increase revenues; improving employee morale and productivity; and, being perceived as a responsible corporate citizen, then call us - we can help you make it happen.

We are not environmentalists with a hidden agenda masquerading as a business. We are business people first. The founder of our company has his university degree in Commerce (Business Administration) and over 30 years of business experience. We have seen how sound environmental practices can pay dividends. We want to bring that knowledge to bear on your business situation for your advantage, and make a good living ourselves while doing it. Traditional business practices are pervasive, and take time to change. We know that management by fad does not produce lasting results. We want a long, productive relationship with our clients, so we will work with you at a pace that makes you comfortable, as fast or as slow as that may be. We want to start with a small change (which will be unique to each business and industry situation), let you see the positive results, then move onto another opportunity for improvement within your business. If a hard-nosed cost-benefit analysis does not justify an environmentally-beneficial activity by your firm, we will not recommend it to you. We will not include soft benefits in a return-on-investment (ROI) analysis, unless your corporate policy mandates it.

What is Econogics?

"Econogics" is a term created by the founder of our company. It is a blending of the words "economics" and "ecologic", symbolizing the fact that these two concepts should co-exist comfortably with each other, not act in opposition. It is our belief that good economic behaviour and good ecologic behaviour should normally be the same; that when they are not, it is due to a distortion of the natural economics of our environment and society. The major distortion which underlies many of our environmental problems today is the practice of placing no economic value on our shared natural resources. Corporations and individuals are permitted to consume clean air, clean water, fertile soil and other natural resources at either no cost, or a token cost. As a society, we need to stop giving away our valuable air, water and soil, and have those that use them pay a fair price for their consumption. This is beginning to happen around the planet. Governments around the world are shifting from financing services from the general tax base to financing by means of "user fees". We feel a similar practice is required for those that consume our clean air by filling it with particulate and gaseous emissions, consume our drinkable water by dirtying it, consume our fertile soils with poisons; we call it "Polluter Pays". Such changes will have a dramatic impact on many industries. Is your business ready for the changes that are coming? Is your business familiar with, or even planning to implement ISO 14000 standards (for environmental management)?

Until such time as society gathers up the courage to make this change, our role is to show North American business how their traditional practices are costing them money and competitive advantage, as well as damaging the environment around them, and how correcting these practices will work to their benefit.

About the Econogics logo

The logo is meant to convey a lot of things:
- all lower case symbolizes our belief that small things matter
- the increasing size of the characters symbolizes the growing concerns about our environment, and that ecological behaviour can lead to growing profits by reducing costs
- the use of the cent sign and dollar sign at the end reminds us that if we mind the cents, the dollars will look after themselves, and that economics is still the great motivator for the consumer
- monochrome black and white because our message is simple and clear, as clear as black and white
- the upward curve denotes optimism, because we can make a positive difference

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