The Miser's Guide to a Better Planet

Last updated 1999.05.01

The Columns

These columns were originally written for a local weekly newsletter, to be run approximately monthly. Regrettably, they were never published there (paper sold to new owner, changes in priorities). If you have a publication looking for something like this, I would like CDN$25 per column per publication. Buy all you want, I'll write more. As with everything else on my website, I retain full copyright and ownership of all the material I write.

Introductory Column (written February 1999)
The Great Gas-Out(written April 1999)
Lawnmowers (written March 1999)
More on Lawn Care (written March 1999)
Reducing Your Electrical Bill - Lighting (written March 1999)
Keeping Your Cool and Your Cash (written April 1999)
More on Keeping Your Cool (written April 1999)
Getting to the Bottom of Things - Fix That Toilet (written April 1999)

Future topics:
Why You Should Support "Pay-As-You-Throw"
Support Your Local Recycling Program
Recycling What Your Community Does Not
(your suggestions are welcome)

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