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Last updated 2005.11.07

Econogics is pleased to host the EAA EV History on the Internet

The images listed below are pages from the Theo. Audel & Company (publisher) book titled Self Propelled Vehicles (A Practical Treatise) by James E. Homans, published in 1905. The pages cover 3 chapters in the book. Econogics claims no copyright on the material on the EAA EV History pages.

Title page

Chapter 24 Electric Vehicle Construction
Page 425
Page 426
Page 427
Page 428
Page 429 not provided
Page 430

Chapter 25 Electrical Meters
Page 431
Page 432
Page 433
Page 434
Page 435

Chapter 26 Dynamo and Motor Construction
Page 436 not provided
Page 437
Page 438 not provided
Page 439
Page 440
Page 441
Page 442
Page 443
Page 444

Chapter 27 Electrical Generators and Motors
Page 445
Page 446
Page 447 not provided
Page 448
Page 449
Page 450
Page 451
Page 452
Page 453
Page 454
Page 455

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