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Econogics is pleased to host the EAA EV History on the Internet

For now, this material is presented largely as it was received, just organized to permit viewing via the Web. As time permits, I will work to integrate it with the Econogics EV History material and reduce duplication. Econogics claims no copyright on the material on the EAA EV History pages.

EAA News and Current EVents Newsletters 1982-2000

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1916 Walker Electric Truck images
1918 Walker Electric Truck images (1)
1918 Walker Electric Truck images (2)
Picture of 1905 New York Licence Tag for Columbia Electric
1977 Autoweek Article on 1902 Baker Torpedo and 1903 Baker Torpedo Kid
Picture of Baker Torpedo
Casler Electric advertisement
1900 electric bicycle illustration
Picture of Jenatzy La Jamais Contente
Picture of Rauch & Lang Voltmeter & Ammeter
Horseless Carriage article on Studebaker (page 1)
Horseless Carriage article on Studebaker (page 2)
Studebaker Electric advertisement
Picture of Studebaker Voltmeter & Ammeter

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