CEVA (Canadian Electric Vehicle Association) Documents

CEVA was the working name for the organization which was subsequently incorporated as the Electric Vehicle Association of Canada (EVAC).

Renton Patterson Letter circa 1978
CEVA's Aims and Goals circa 1978
Draft CEVA Membership Brochure circa 1978
Kerrwill Letter to F.G. Johnson 1979-04-18
CEVA Invitation to Founding Meeting of 1979-07-23
Kerrwill Letter to R. Patterson 1979-10-17
R. Patterson Letter 1979-10-18
Brochure for CEVA's Second Annual EV Seminar - October 26, 1979
EV News column from Electrical Business Novemaber 1979 Edition
Invitation to First CEVA Ottawa Chapter of November 5, 1979
CEVA's Draft By-Laws 1979-11-16
CEVA Ottawa Chapter Membership List October 1979 (2-pager)
General Information on CEVA dated 1979-12-01 (2-pager)
CEVA Members Update dated 1979-12-28 (1-pager)
General Information on CEVA dated 1980-02-18 (2-pager)
Agenda for CEVA Ottawa Chapter First Executive Meeting dated 1980-02-18 (2-pager)
Agenda for CEVA Electric Vehicle Seminar 1979-10-26