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Electric Tractor Inventory

Last updated 2021.12.04

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Current Grand Total (North America): 244 electric tractors

Summaries by Country (Province/State)
Canada | United States (other countries may be added later)

About This Page

Small gasoline engines are detrimental to our air, water and peace. One application where they can be replaced with quiet, reliable, zero-emissions electric drives is in tractors. Most people are not even aware that electric tractors exist. This list is intended to show where electric tractors do exist, so that those interested may have an opportunity to see one. Many of the electric tractors in operation today are the remnants of a fleet produced in the 1970's, largely in response to the desire for a quiet, reliable machine that was not dependent on interruptible foreign oil. The fact that many of these machines are still in operation, and that others are being restored to operation almost 30 years later is a testament to their robustness and reliability. This list is undoubtedly incomplete, and contributions are always welcome. If you have an unwanted electric tractor, let us know, and we will try to link you up with someone who would like to relieve you of that burden.

There is another geographic list of electric tractors on the Web at [site hijacked:] Frappr (Beta). (As of 2006.04.26, it appears to have about 60 entries.) (Update: as of 2019.01.23, this site has disappeared and redirects to a malware site. It looks like the Frappr tool disappeared around 2010.)

Links to more information on electric tractors

In the listings, the initials in parentheses are used to identify the owner where multiple units reside in the same geographical area, without actually providing their name on the website.

Geographical Summaries - Canada - Grand Total - 17 tractors

Alberta (0) | British Columbia (4) | Manitoba (0) | New Brunswick (0) | Newfoundland (0) | Northwest Territory (0)
Nova Scotia (1) | Nunavut (0) | Ontario (11) | Prince Edward Island (0) | Quebec (1) | Saskatchewan (0) | Yukon (0)

British Columbia - Errington (1 tractor)
British Columbia - Gabriola Island (1 tractor)
British Columbia - Vancouver (2 tractors)

Nova Scotia - Truro (1 tractor)

Ontario - Almonte (1 tractor)
Ontario - Cambridge (1 tractor)
Ontario - Grimsby (5 tractors)
Ontario - Hensall (1 tractor)
Ontario - Ottawa (2 tractors)

Quebec - Notre-Dame-du-Nord (1 tractor)

Geographical Summaries - United States - Grand Total - 227 tractors

Alabama (0) | Alaska (0) | Arizona (0) | Arkansas (0) | California (2) | Colorado (4) | Connecticut (3) | Delaware (4) | Florida (1)
Georgia (1) | Hawaii (0) | Idaho (0) | Illinois (12) | Indiana (7) | Iowa (0) | Kansas (8) | Kentucky (5) | Louisiana (0)
Maine (10) | Maryland (6) | Massachusetts (25 | Michigan (9) | Minnesota (12) | Mississippi (1) | Missouri (6) | Montana (0)
Nebraska (1) | Nevada (0) | New Hampshire (2) | New Jersey (4) | New Mexico (0) | New York (15) | North Carolina (3) | North Dakota (0)
Ohio (47) | Oklahoma (0) | Oregon (6) | Pennsylvania (7) | Rhode Island (2) | South Carolina (0) | South Dakota (0)
Tennessee (13) | Texas (4) | Utah (0) | Vermont (1) | Virginia (12) | Washington (1) | Washington D.C. (0) | West Virginia (0) | Wisconsin (6) | Wyoming (0)

California - Albion (1 tractor)
California - Orangevale (1 tractor)

Connecticut - Barkhamsted (2 tractors)
Connecticut - Glastonbury (1 tractor)

Colorado - Boulder (2 tractors)
Colorado - Colorado Springs (1 tractor)
Colorado - Mead (1 tractor)

Delaware - Hockessin (4 tractors)

Florida - St. Marks (1 tractor)

Georgia - Smyrna (1 tractor)

Illinois - Crystal Lake (1 tractor)
Illinois - Morrison (4 tractors)
Illinois - Pekin (6 tractors)
Illinois - Zion (1 tractor)

Indiana - Bloomington (3 tractors)
Indiana - Evansville (1 tractor)
Indiana - Nappanee (2 tractors)
Indiana - West Lafayette (1 tractor)

Kansas - Garfield (1 tractor)
Kansas - Lawrence (1 tractor)
Kansas - Leawood (1 tractor)
Kansas - Westwood (1 tractor)
Kansas - Whiting (4 tractors)

Kentucky - Glasgow (5 tractors)

Maine - East Booth Bay(2 tractors)
Maine - Gray (2 tractors)
Maine - Warren (6 tractors)

Maryland - Baltimore (2 tractors)
Maryland - Bethesda (1 tractor)
Maryland - Rockville (1 tractor)
Maryland - Silver Spring (1 tractor)
Maryland - Smithsburg (1 tractor)

Massachusetts - Burlington (1 tractor)
Massachusetts - Boxboro (1 tractor)
Massachusetts - Cape Cod (6 tractors)
Massachusetts - Maynard (2 tractors)
Massachusetts - Norton (3 tractors)
Massachusetts - Sharon (1 tractor)
Massachusetts - Sudbury (3 tractors)
Massachusetts - Winthrop(5 tractors)

Michigan - Brighton (3 tractors)
Michigan - Goodrich (1 tractor)
Michigan - Warren (3 tractors)
Michigan - Ypsilanti (2 tractors)

Minnesota - Inver Grove Heights (3 tractors)
Minnesota - Minneapolis (3 tractors)
Minnesota - St. Louis Park (1 tractor)
Minnesota - St. Paul (4 tractors)
Minnesota - Winona (1 tractor)

Mississippi - Bay Springs (1 tractor)

Missouri - Elsberry (5 tractors)
Missouri - Marble Hill (1 tractor)

Nebraska - Lincoln (1 tractor)

New Hampshire - Bedford (1 tractor)
New Hampshire - Marlow (1 tractor)

New Jersey - Englewood (1 tractor)
New Jersey - Manville (1 tractor)
New Jersey - Trenton (1 tractor)
New Jersey - Woodstown (1 tractor)

New York - Albany (2 tractors)
New York - Athens (1 tractor)
New York - Buffalo (2 tractors)
New York - Cortlandt Manor (1 tractor)
New York - Eagle (2 tractors)
New York - Ithaca (1 tractor)
New York - Long Island (1 tractor)
New York - Rochester (3 tractors)
New York - Rockland County (1 tractor)
New York - Windsor (2 tractors)

North Carolina - Walnut Cove (3 tractors)

Ohio - Akron (4 tractors)
Ohio - Bainbridge Township (4 tractors)
Ohio - Bath (4 tractors)
Ohio - Dayton (1 tractor)
Ohio - Granville (1 tractor)
Ohio - Hudson (1 tractor)
Ohio - Kenton (1 tractor)
Ohio - Lebanon (2 tractors)
Ohio - New Lebanon (27 tractors)
Ohio - Zanesville (2 tractors)

Oregon - Corvallis (2 tractors)
Oregon - Eugene (1 tractor)
Oregon - Glendale (2 tractors)
Oregon - Portland (1 tractor)

Pennsylvania - Greensburg (3 tractors)
Pennsylvania - Lewisburg (1 tractor)
Pennsylvania - Orefield (1 tractor)
Pennsylvania - Penn Valley (1 tractor)
Pennsylvania - Scotrun (1 tractor)
Pennsylvania - Shinglehouse (1 tractor)

Rhode Island - Charlestown (2 tractors)

Tennessee - Kodak (13 tractors)

Texas - Rockwall (1 tractor)
Texas - Spring (3 tractors)

Vermont - Colchester (1 tractor)

Virginia - Leesburg (4 tractors)
Virginia - Roanoke (1 tractor)
Virginia - Vienna (6 tractors)

Washington - Vancouver (1 tractor)

Wisconsin - Rice Lake (1 tractor)
Wisconsin - Richland Center (3 tractors)
Wisconsin - Sussex (2 tractors)

Detail by Geographical Area

Akron, Ohio (4)

1974 Avco New Idea rider mower (DR)
GE Elec-Trak E15 with front-mount mower (RH) and EV Album site for "Sunflower"
[Site no longer exists:] 1970 GE Elec-Trak E15 with mower deck, dozer blade, snow thrower, lawn sweeper, rototiller and rear lift (DR)
GE Elec-Trak E15 (non-op) (DR)

Albion, California (1)

Yanmar tractor conversion (SH)

Albany, New York (2)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with front mower (PL)
GE Elec-Trak E15 with loader (PL)

Almonte, Ontario (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with front mower (non-op) (PS)

Athens, New York (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with snowthrower and mower deck (PC)

Bainbridge Township, Ohio (4)

GE Elec-Trak ER8-36 (RV)
GE Elec-Trak E15 (x 3) with 42 inch mowers, 70 inch mower, 48 inch snow blade, arc welder, chainsaw, rotary inverter, solid state inverter, grass trimmers, rototiller with electric lift, snowblower, hand weeder/cultivator, hedge trimmers, drill, snow cab (RV)

Baltimore, Maryland (2)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with mower deck (x2) (SC)

Barkhamsted, Connecticut (2)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with mower decks, snowblower and plow blade (JK)
Wheelhorse C185 (JK)

Bath, Ohio (4)

GE Elec-Trak E8 with mower (DH)
GE Elec-Trak E15 with mower, dozer blade(DH)
GE Elec-Trak E15 (non-op) parts tractor (DH
GE Elec-Trak E20 with front end loader (bucket & fork), tiller, snowblower, snow cab, leaf catcher, power head (drill and clipper) (DH)
1974 Avco New Idea rider mower (DR)

Bay Springs, Mississippi (1)

Wheelhorse A60 (AP)

Bedford, New Hampshire (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12M converted to 4 speed transmission, with mid-mounted mower, leaf / grass vacuum attachment, snowblower - Original 42 inch, snowblower - Two Stage 40" conversion, dozer blade, 120 Volt rotary 900 Watt converter, drill attachment, trimmer attachment, home made front end loader with Hydraulic Power Unit (RB)

Bethesda, Maryland (1)

GE Elec-Trak E20 with 2 mower decks, 2 dozer blades, dump cart, chainsaw, roto-tiller, hedge trimmer. drill with grass trimmer attachment, rear tool box, rear weight box, front loader, rear lights assembly (JG)

Bloomington, Indiana (3)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with snow blower, blade (DH)
GE Elec-Trak E20 (DH)
GE Elec-Trak E14+ (DH)

Boulder, Colorado (2)

GE Elec-Trak E10M with mid-mount mower deck with two motors and blades (HC)
GE Elec-Trak E12 (GG)

Boxboro, Massachusetts (1)

GE Elec-Trak E10 (JL)

Brighton, Michigan (3)

GE Elec-Trak E12M with an nos deck (TC)
GE Elec-Trak E15 (non-op) (TC)
GE Elec-Trak E20 (non-op) (TC)

Buffalo, New York (2)

GE Elec-Trak E12 (MK)
GE Elec-Trak E15 (MK)

Burlington, Massashusetts (1)

E15DA - w/ 42" front mount mower, 48"blade, chains, weight box. (SD)
E15CB - w/ 42" front mount mower, 42" Snowthrower, chains, manual rear lift, sleeve hitch, brinly plow. (SD)
E15HA - w/ 48"blade, dump cart, CH-10 rear spring hitch, radio mount. (SD)
E10M - w/ 36" mid-mount deck (SD)
Also have: Welder, edger-trimmer, cultivator, drill head, grass clipper, power head, hedge trimmer; non-op 42"snow thrower, plus the usual assortment of spare parts, and a set of AG tires mounted and ready. (SD)

Cambridge, Ontario (1)

GE Elec-Trak E20, Alltrax controller, mower, blower (SG)

Cape Cod, Massachusetts (6)

[Site no longer exists:] GE Elec-Trak E12M (JF)
[Site no longer exists:] GE Elec-Trak E20 (JF)
[Site no longer exists:] GE Elec-Trak I5 (JF)
[Site no longer exists:] Wheelhorse B145 (JF)
[Site no longer exists:] Wheelhorse C185 (JF)
[Site no longer exists:] Wheelhorse E141 (JF)

Charlestown, Rhode Island (2)

Wheelhorse C-185 w/ bucket loader, plow, york rake, mower, rear lift (BK)
Wheelhorse A-65 electric mower (BK)

Colchester, Vermont (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 (BM)

Colorado Springs, Colorado (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with mower deck, snowthrower, and blade (JR)

Cortlandt Manor, New York (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with front mower deck, tiller and snowblower (CV)

Corvallis, Oregon (2)

GE Elec-Trak E20 x 2, with mower decks, grader blades, sweeper, tiller, bucket loader (ML)

Crystal Lake, Illinois (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with mower deck and snowthrower (VA)

Dayton, Ohio (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with front mount deck and dozer blade (BW)

Eagle, New York (2)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with rototiller and cultivator (ND)
John Deere E90 (ND)

East Booth Bay, Maine (2)

2 x GE Elec-Trak E20 with tiller (BA)

Elsberry, Missouri (5)

GE Elec-Trak E10 (DP)
GE Elec-Trak E12M (DP)
GE Elec-Trak E20 (DP)
Wheelhorse A60 (DP)
Wheelhorse C185 with front mower, blade and chains (DP)

Errington, British Columbia (1)

GE Elec-Trak E8 (RH)

Englewood, New Jersey (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with mower and snowthrower (RZ)

Eugene, Oregon (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with mower deck, rototiller, home-made plow blade, leaf blower (MS)

Evansville, Indiana (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12S (AH)

Gabriola Island, British Columbia (1)

GE Elec-Trak E20 (CP)

Garfield, Kansas (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12M (TB)

Glastonbury, Connecticut (1)

John Deere Electric 90 (RS)

Glasgow, Kentucky (5)

Avco New Idea R-36 (MW)
GE Elec-Trak E10M (MW)
GE Elec-Trak E15 (non-op) and many associated parts (MW)
Wheelhorse C185 (MW) Wheelhorse C185 (non-op - awaiting controller) (MW)

Glendale, Oregon (2)

GE Elec-Trak E15 x 2 (SR)

Goodrich, Michigan (1)

GE Elec-Trak E20 (non-op) (RV)

Granville, Ohio (1)

New Idea 150 (GB)

Gray, Maine (2)

1975 GE Elec-Trak E15 with snow thower, lawn mower, lawn sweeper, weather hood with side and back shields. weight box, chains, clippers, trailer, roller, spreader) (WM)
1972 GE Elec-Trak E15 with plow, weight box, roto tiller, snow thower, chains, battery discharger, welder, and bucket loader (WM)

Greensburg, Pennsylvania (3)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with front mower (BP)
GE Elec-Trak E15 with front mower (non-op) (BP)
GE Elec-Trak E20 with front mower (non-op) (BP)

Grimsby, Ontario (5)

GE Elec-Trak E10 (x2) (GT)
GE Elec-Trak E12 (GT)
GE Elec-Trak E12M (GT)
Wheelhorse B145 (GT)

Hensall, Ontario (1)

New Idea 150 with sickle bar mower, mower deck (BF)

Hockessin, Delaware (4)

GE Elec-Trak ER8-36 (non-op) (SN)
GE Elec-Trak E12 (non-op) (SN)
GE Elec-Trak E15 with front mower deck, dozer blade, snowblower, leaf catcher (SN)
Wheelhorse C185 (non-op) (SN)

Hudson, Ohio (1)

GE Elec-Trak E10M (GM)

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota (3)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with mower, snowblower, winter cab (DG)
GE Elec-Trak E20 (DG)
GE Elec-Trak E12M with mower and snowblower (DG)

Ithaca, New York (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 (Ecovillage)

Kenton, Ohio (1)

GE Elec-Trak I5, front mower, New Idea snow blower (thrower) and a New Idea 36 volt welder (GW)

Kodak, Tennessee (13)

1-E15 with 92in. forklift
1-E20 with bucket loader
2-EGT-150's New Idea Mid Mount
2-EGT-120's New Idea Mid Mount
1-reconditioned lawn sweeper (AS31)
1-Weeder/Cultivator (HC05)
1-Powered Rotary Broom (KM10)
2-Snow Throwers 1-GE (AD42), 1-New Ideal (AD42BA)
3-Snow/Dozer blades (AB48)
2-tillers (VV100) With Tiller Mounting Braket (VV101) made by Brinly
1-Disk Harrow (DD500)
14-mower decks
1-sickle bar (AM48)
1-golf bag holder (BG33)
1-power head (TM3) with hedge trimmer (TH70) and grass clipper (TH80)
1-weight box (AP85)
3-electric rear lifts (AP59)
1-manual rear lift (AP58)
various snow chains
1-set of wheel weights
12+various rear axles
6+front axles with spindles
4-carcasses, E12M,E15,E12and E14

Lawrence, Kansas (1)

GE Elec-Trak E20 with front mower deck and front blade (RL)

Leawood, Kansas (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12 (BA)

Lebanon, Ohio (2)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with front mower, hedge trimmer and snow blade (PH)
Wheelhorse C185 with front mower (PH)

Leesburg, Virginia (4)

GE Elec-Trak E12 (non-op) (SS)
GE Elec-Trak E20 (non-op) (SS)
GE Elec-Trak E20 with 2 mowing decks, blade, rototiller, snowthower, rear weight box, chain saw, hedge trimmer and drill attachments for one common motor (TC)
GE Elec-Trak E20 non-op (TC)

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with 4QD solid-state controller (RM)

Lincoln, Nebraska (1)

New Idea EGT200 (non-op) with snowblower (non-op) and front mower deck (PW)

Long Island, New York (1)

John Deere Electric 90 (MB)

Manville, New Jersey (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12S with front mower deck, tiller, snowblower, plow, welder (TG)

Marble Hill, Missouri (1)

1975 WheelHorse C-185 with Li'l Brute 12-volt chainsaw (AB)

Marlow, New Hampshire (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with working snowblower, non-working mowing deck (JT)

Maynard, Massachusetts (2)

GE Elec-Trak E-16 (DRG)
GE Elec-Trak E-20 (DRG)

Mead, Colorado (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12M (DS)

Minneapolis, Minnesota (3)

GE Elec-Trak E16 with mower deck, blade, rotary sweeper and snow blower, and tire chains (CM)
GE Elec-Trak E12 (KS)
GE Elec-Trak E15 with mower deck, roto-tiller, dozer blade, snowthrower, powered sweeper (KS)

Morrison, Illinois (4)

GE E12 restored 2012. Deck, blade, snow thrower (BB)
GE ER36-8 (BB)
Electric Ox with homemade bucket loader. (BB)
Electric Ox non-op (BB)

Mulberry, Tennessee (1)

GE Elec-Trak E16 with mower, tiller, sleeve hitch (SS)

Nappanee, Indiana (2)

GE Elec-Trak I-5 (SH)
New Idea EGT 100 (SH)

New Lebanon, Ohio (27)

GE Elec-Trak ER8-36 (CS)
GE Elec-Trak E12 (x 6) (some running and some not) (CS)
GE Elec-Trak I5 with forklift (CS)
GE Elec-Trak E15 (x 4) (CS)
GE Elec-Trak E16 (x 2) (CS)
GE Elec-Trak E20 (x 4) (1 with bucket loader) (CS)
Attachments including 1-Rotary Broom, 4-Snowblowers, 5-push blades, 2- roto tillers, 12- mower decks, 1-lawn vacuum, 1- sickle bar, 1- golf bag holder, 2-edger trimmers, 4-power heads with hedge trimmers, grass clippers, and drill heads, 4- chainsaws, 2- winter cabs, 2- weight boxes, 4-electric rear lifts, 2- manual rear lifts (CS)
John Deere Electric 90 (x 3) (CS)
International Harvester Cub Cadet 95 (CS)
New Idea EGT200 with custom body and mid deck (CS)
Wheelhorse C185 (CS)
Wheelhorse C145 (x 2) (CS)
Wheelhorse E141 (CS)

Norton, Massachusetts (3)

GE Elec-Trak E8M (HL)
GE Elec-Trak E12 with snowblower, homemade woodchipper, homemade solid state DC-DC converter, charge controller (HL) (e-mail re: charge controller)
GE Elec-Trak E12 complete, no batteries (HL)

Notre-Dame-du-Nord (1)

GE Elec-Trak E20 (DC)

Orangevale, California (1)

GE Elec-Trak E20 (BS)

Orefield, Pennsylvania (1)

1974 GE Elec-Trak E20 with mower (CK)

Ottawa, Ontario (2)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with blade, mower, sweeper, 36" snowthrower, rototiller, rear lift, hedge trimmer, cultivator (DM)
GE Elec-Trak E12 - no attachments (non-op) (DM)
GE Elec-Trac E15 - snowblower (plus 2 project/parts E15s non-op) (DM)

Pekin, Illinois (6)

GE ElecTrak ER8-36 (not running) (TW)
GE Elec-Trak E12M belly mount with pushblade (TW)
GE Elec-Trak E12S (not running) (TW)
GE Elec-Trak E16 w/frount mount mower (TW)
New Idea EGT120 w/mid-mount mower (TW)
Wheel Horse w/front mount mower (TW)

Penn Valley, Pennsylvania (1)

Avco New Idea EGT150 with mower (CT)

Portland, Oregon (1)

MTD garden tractor conversion ("Heavy Metal Garden Tractor") (JW)

Rice Lake, Wisconsin (1)

New Idea E12 (using GE E15 motor) (BW)

Richland Center, Wisconsin (3)

GE Elec-Trak E8 (non-op) (LVV)
GE Elec-Trak E14 with mower (LVV)
GE Elec-Trak E20 with blade (LVV)

Roanoke, Virginia (1)

GE Elec-Track E15 with blade mower (modified to run on 48 volts) (AP)

Rochester, New York (3)

2 x GE Elec-Trak E20 (JBR) with mower decks, snow blower, rototiller, trailer, etc.
GE Elec-Trak E15 (JBR)
GE Elec-Trak E12 (non-op) (JBR)

Rockland County, New York (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with plow blade and front mower (JC)

Rockville, Maryland (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with mower (RW)

Rockwall, Texas (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12S with mower (RR)

St. Louis Park, Minnesota (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with plow blade (DK)

St. Marks, Florida (1)

New Idea EGT-100 with mower (KH)

St. Paul, Minnesota (4)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with mower, winter cab and snowblower (non-op) (DG)
GE Elec-Trak E12M with snowblower (non-op) (DG)
GE Elec-Trak E20 (non-op) (DG)
1973 GE Elec-Trak E12, mower, rear lift, snow thrower (JG)

Scotrun, Pennsylvania (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12S with blade (NS)

Sharon, Massachusetts (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with snowthrower, plow, and front mower (KO)

Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania (1)

GE Elec-Trak E20 (DC)

Silver Spring, Maryland (1)

GE Elec-Trak E20 with mower deck (PC)

Smithsburg, Maryland (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with mower deck and snowblower (BW)

Smyrna, Georgia (1)

1973 GE Elec-Trak E20 with front mower, welder, hand clippers, yard broom/sweeper and rotary inverter (DH)

Spring, Texas (3)

GE Elec-Trak E20 (MM)
GE Elec-Trak I5 with front mower (MM)
GE Elec-Trak I5 (non-op) (MM)

Sudbury, Massashusetts (3)

GE Elec-Trak E-14 (non-op) (MH)
GE Elec-Trak E-15 (x2) with snowthrower and a front mower deck, and vacuum pick-up (under construction) (MH)

Sussex, Wisconsin (2)

GE Elec-Trak with snowblower (CC)
Wheelhorse B145 with mower (CC)

Trenton, New Jersey (1)

Sears Electric Garden Tractor (GD)

Truro, Nova Scotia (1)

Massey 135 conversion (ice surfacer) (ED)

Vancouver, British Columbia (2)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with front mower (radio controlled) (AG)
GE Elec-Trak E20 (JL)

Vancouver, Washington (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with front mower and rototiller (non-op) (DE)

Vienna, Virginia (6)

GE Elec-Trak E8 Electrac (JL)
GE Elec-Trak E12 Electrac (JL)
GE Elec-Trak E16 Electrac (JL)
GE Elec-Trak E20 Electrac (JL)
GE Elec-Trak E20 Electrac (non-op) (JL)
Wheelhorse C185 (JL)
Vast collection of attachments including: cutting decks, chain saw, scraper blade, Brinly-electrac tiller, forklift attachments, snowblower, weight box, bush trimmer attachment, Brinly farm plow, bucket (JL)

Walnut Cove, North Carolina (3)

GE Elec-Trak E20, with front scraper, rear electric lift, tiller, box scraper, cultivator, plow (EC)
GE Elec-Trak E12M with mid deck, clippers, hedge trimmer, welder (EC)
John Deere Electric 90, for the small mowing jobs. (EC)

Warren, Maine (6)

GE Elec-Trak E15 x 4 (DH)
GE Elec-Trak E14 (DH)
GE Elec-Trak E12 (DH)
42" snowthower x 3, 36" snowthower, dozer blade x 3, front mower x3, rototiller, tow sweeper, box blade, snow cab (DH)

Warren, Michigan (3)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with mower decks (non-op) (x 3) (DG)

West Lafayette, Indiana (1)

Sears (non-op) (PT)

Westwood, Kansas (1)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with front mower deck, snow blade, tiller, snowthrower, and John Deere leaf sweeper. (JD)

Windsor, New York (2)

GE Elec-Trak E15 with mower deck (MM)
GE Elec-Trak E15 with dozer blade, 2 mower decks, rear weight box (non-op) (MM)

Whiting, Kansas (4)

GE Elec-Trak E-8 (restored) (DW)
GE Elec-Trak E-14 (like new) (DW)
GE Elec-Trak E-20 (DW)
GE Elec-Trak E-20 (non-op) (DW)

Winona, Minnesota (1)

GE Elec-Trak E20 with snowthrower and mowing deck (TG) EV Album entry

Winthrop, Massachusetts (5)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with mower, blade (JC)
GE Elec-Trak E12M (non-op) with mower (JC)
GE Elec-Trak E15 (non-op) with mower (x 2) (JC)
GE Elec-Trak E20 with tiller, blade, mower, snowblower (JC)

Woodstown, New Jersey (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with mower, snowblower (CL)

Ypsilanti, Michigan (2)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with tiller, blower, blade, disc, cultivator, sickle-bar mower (LE)
GE Elec-Trak E15 (non-op) (LE)

Zanesville, Ohio (2)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with mower deck and blade (MC)
GE Elec-Trak E15 with mower deck, tiller, and plow (non-op) (MC)

Zion, Illinois (1)

GE Elec-Trak E12 with mower deck and snowblower (AW)

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