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Other WWW Pages on Electric Bicycles, Mopeds, Motorcycles, Scooters

Last updated 2008.07.15

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Electric bicycle, moped, scooter and motorcycle producers seem to appear and disappear more frequently than the producers of larger vehicles, probably because start-up costs are relatively low, but market penetration is difficult, especially in North America for such vehicles. Therefore, this page will probably be continuously out of date, no matter how often I update it. Any additions, corrections and contributions are always welcome.

Other WWW Pages on Electric Bicycles, Mopeds, Motorcycles, Scooters is another good page for a general survey of electric bicycles and other light electric vehicles.

[dead site:] BC Nexus is based in Kelowna B.C. and has a lot of links regarding electric bikes, scooters and even electric cars.

Sustainable Habitats' Electric Bike Page

[Dead link:] New Motorized Bicycle Association provides a pretty comprehensive list of mopeds and power-assisted bicycles, including electrics, but not exclusively electrics.

[Site no longer exists:] Power Assisted Products provides an extensive variety of electric-powered bikes, scooters, trikes and mobility aids.

For more on electric motorcycles, definitely check out [dead link:] The NeoBike Site.

There is a serious collection of electric motorcycle conversions in the EV Photo Album.

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