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Some EV History - Page P

Last updated 2003.01.28

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Items of Historical Interest in the Development and Commercialization of EVs

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The Parsons Electric Motor Carriage Co. of Cleveland OH produced a small electric 2-seater electric, weighing less than 1,000 pounds, in 1905 and 1906. A double chain drive connected to motor to the drive axle.


Partridge-Wilson built electric milk floats in Britain. One ended up in Sebright, ON in operating condition in the late 1980's.


Edouard Parvillé of Paris (France) produced front-wheel drive electric cars from 1927 to 1929.


Produced in France from 1898 to 1900, the Patin electric cars included several body types including both 3 and 4-wheeler 2-seaters and a 5-seater victoria.

Peck Electric

Toronto, ON, circa 1915.

PedalPower - see General Engines


While better known for producing a small 3-wheeler with a fibreglass body from 1962 to 1966, this firm apparently did produce an electric model as well that was introduced to the market in 1965.


The Automobilfabrik Perl AG of Liesing (Austria) manufactured commercial vehicles from 1907 to 1927, and some of these were electric trucks and electric tractors.


Peugeot introduced their electric Model 106 electric car to market in France in 1996. Prior to that they had produced electric minibuses in the early 1980's and maintained an electric and hybrid research and development program for many years.


The Vereinigte Accumulatoren und Electricitätswerke Pflüger & Co of Berlin (Germany) produced a small number of electric cars in 1900.


Based in Italy, this firm produced electric cars in the early 1980's.


A 3-passenger electric car. At least 18 were produced.


A 5-passenger electric car, designed primarily for use as a taxi. At least 4 were produced.

PGE Van8

A van with a payload capacity of 900 kg, at least 10 were produced.


The Phipps-Grinnell Automobile Co. of Detroit MI operated from 1901 to 1912, producing a small quantity of electric cars during this period. This car was succeeded by the Grinnell (see also).

Phoenix Carriage Company

Based in Birmingham, England, produced the Alexandra, an electric brougham, approximately 1905-1906.


Based in Italy, this company is best known for the Vespa motor scooter. It also produced a 3-wheeler chassis in the early 1980's with an electric drive-train that could be fitted with different bodies, including a van, a pickup and a dumpster. At least 40 of these were produced. In 1993, Piaggio introduced the [link has bit-rotted: El&lng=UK] Porter platform in gasoline, diesel and electric versions. The Porter can be outfitted as a minivan, pickup or flatbed. In the late 1990's, an electric version of the [link has bit-rotted: 50 El&lng=UK] Ape was introduced. The [link has bit-rotted: %26 Zip&lng=UK] Zip & Zip is a gasoline-electric hybrid scooter.

Vespa Elettrocar (pickup truck and van)


The Pilcar was a tiny, enclosed 2-seater electric car produced in Switzerland in the 1970's and possibly into the 1980's. It claimed a range of 112 km on a charge and a maximum speed of 88 km/h using lead-acid batteries.


Ecos (1978)

Image of Ecos (colour - 13k)

Eta Beta (1996)

Ethos 3 EV (1994)

Images of Ethos 3 (colour - 42k)

EV modifications were made by Uniq Mobility


The Pomeroy Motor Vehicle Co. of Brooklyn NY produced an electric runabout in 1902.

Pope-Waverley - see Waverley

Porsche, Ferdinand - see Lohner (Lohner-Porsche)


Philip W. Pratt operated an electric 3-wheeler in Boston MA as early as 1888, which is later demonstrated in New York City NY and Atlantic City NJ.

Pritchett & Gold

The Pritchett & Gold Ltd of Feltham (England) were known primarily as a battery manufacturer, however they did produce electric cars in 1903 and 1904. These cars were 2-seaters with an open body.

Progetti Gestioni Ecologiche - see PGE

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