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Some EV History - Page V

Last updated 2003.01.10

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Items of Historical Interest in the Development and Commercialization of EVs

- V -


The Vehicle Equipment Co. of Long Island City NY produced a large number of commercial-purpose electric vehicles (e.g. delivery trucks) from 1901 to 1906. They produced a 3-seater electric car, the V.E. Electric, from 1903 to 1905. Most, if not all, vehicles were shaft-drive. Vehicle types produced included broughams, victorias, hansoms, landaulets, and commercial vehicles include trucks and sightseeing buses. The factory burned in 1904, and was rebuilt. The company went into receivership in 1906, and was resurrected after reorganization as the General Vehicle Company.
Picture of V.E. sightseeing bus in Washington, D.C. (B&W - 134k) (photo courtesy of W. Zablosky)

Veebird Electric



Magnus Volk makes several 3-wheeler electric cars in Great Britain in 1891, one of which was sold to a sultan in Turkey.


Volkswagen maintained a fleet of research vehicles based on conversions of their Golf model. At least 70 of these were produced and were known as the CitySTROMer. VW also produced about 70 electric vans for fleet research purposes.

Elektro Transporter


motor-alternator-charging unit range extender.


a)Manufactured by Voltra Inc. New York, NY
b)Was to be built in 1993
c)a station wagon and a pickup were to be built too
d)top speed 45 mph, range 60 to 100 miles, two or four speed hydraulic transmission, built in charger 110 volt,GE motor, propane heater, wheelbase 106 ", 48 volt system
e) an option was a gasoline powered
Advertisement for Voltra (B&W - 132k) (courtesy W. Zablosky)

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