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The New Electrics Are Coming! Are You Ready?

After more than 30 years of promoting the advantages and potential for clean-air, low-fueling cost, quiet electric vehicle technology, we're excited to see the major automakers finally embracing them and committing to bringing them to market.

In the next few years, these vehicles are going to bring breathable air, reduced noise levels and reduced heat island effects to our urban areas. They are also going to speak volumes about the degree of commitment to our environment by the organizations that adopt them early (and also about those that do not). When commercials like these start appearing on television, aircraft entertainment systems and major Internet sites, are you going to be seen as being at the forefront by your customer base by adopting them, or as not caring about the environment?

Should your business be among the first to install Level 2 charging stations to attract customers that drive the new electric cars and plug-in hybrids? These tend to be affluent, early adopters. Is that a market segment that interests you? Does the typical use pattern align with your business model? We can help.

There are also many affordable options for embracing electric transportation today. On these pages, we show many of the small EVs that are already available. There are also utility vehicles and more. Given that electric aircraft are being built today, and we use electric drive for submarines, it's likely that we can find a quiet, zero or low emissions electric drive solution for your surface transportation needs. Or perhaps you have found a potential solution already, but need to know if it will really work as advertised, and how to integrate it smoothly into your existing operations. We have been working with EVs, on-road and off, for more than 3 decades, so we can help you make the transition to environmentally-friendly transportation solutions. The first step is hiring Econogics to analyze your requirements and devise a viable and affordable solution. Then, we'll move forward to help you integrate clean air transportation and tool solutions into your existing operations. Contact us now to get started!

Econogics is pleased to host the
Electric Auto Association history materials.

Econogics is proud to have sponsored the
1998 through 2002 EVCO Electrathons.

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The Econogics EV Blog!

Electric vehicles are in the news! Mass media outlets are breathless about this exciting new technology, completely without any context, such as the fact that EVs are not a new technology. EVs date back to at least the 1830s (see our EV History pages for the Web's most comprehensive treatment of EV History). If you would prefer a more balanced view of EV happenings from an EVeteran, then check out our EV blog regularly.

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