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Electric Scooters

Last updated 2008.07.24

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We do not sell electric scooters. We believe they are a great, low-noise, zero-emissions form of transportation, and try to provide an unbiased source of information about them on the Web. We do sell Soneil battery chargers, which are ideal for electric scooters, being compact, lightweight, intelligent and affordable.

There is confusion around the term "scooter". Here we use it to mean the small electric devices that generally resemble a skateboard body with an upright handle that usually supports steering and other control functions. The older style scooters that are essentially a motorcycle with a step through body typified by the Piaggia Vespa popular in Europe, we have grouped with motorcycles. Scooters without an upright control handle, we have classified as skateboards. There are also some machines that are essentially what we consider scooters, but with a seat. These we have grouped with scooters on this page. There are also 3-wheel and 4-wheel personal mobility aids intended primarily for indoor use referred to as scooters, but we do not cover those here, as we consider them personal mobility aids. The term powerboard has come to encompass what we consider to be both scooters and skateboards. Electric scooter producers seem to appear and disappear more frequently than the producers of larger vehicles, probably because start-up costs are relatively low, but market penetration is difficult, especially in North America for such vehicles. Therefore, this page will probably be continuously out of date, no matter how often I update it. Any additions, corrections and contributions are always welcome.

Electric Scooters

Bladez offers a broad line of electric skateboards (which they call powerboards).

Check out the [dead link:] Area Azzurra Elettrica website for more information about this Italian electric scooter and a range of other electric vehicle products.

The Badsey line of electric scooters was one of the originals (introduced in 1991). They survived the death of their inventor and remained available for a time until things went sideways. [hijacked site:]
There is some information on Badsey electric scooters at the electric bike graveyard page.

The CityBug is about the size of a "California" scooter (the kind with small wheels connected by a running board that you stand on), and originally provided a seat and a basket for parcels.
As of 2024, their main models are stand-on scoots, while the Rhino seems heftier. Europe only.

CIP 025. While a number of these units were [dead link:] sold to the cities of Pisa and Florence in Italy in 1997, there is little evidence that the line survived after this.

The Electric Scooters Site provides information on electric scooters and environment-friendly transport.

[Sitre no longer exists:] Electric Transportation Solutions (ETS) carries a range of electrics scooters.

Electrik Motion carries several lines of electric scooters.

Electro-ride's electric scooter comparison page

[Dead link:] EQUAD has a 4-wheel scooter with electric assist built into it. The vehicle appears to be designed primarily for use by children.

[Dead link: "] Groov-E-Skootz carries a wide range of electric scooters.

NuMotion has a line of electric scooters and pocket bikes.

Phat Phantom is one of the original stand-up style electric scooters. It was produced by Currie, who now have successor products available, as well as parts for the Phantoms..

2 Wheel Electric Scooters has a couple of models of electric (stand-on) scooters available.

Scooters & Mopeds Unlimited offers a wide variety of two-wheeled electric vehicles and mobility aids.

[Site no longer exists:] SeikoSport has two models of small, off-road, sit-on scooters under the Solar Scooter name.

Tanaka has a couple of scooters: the [dead site:] TPB-450EX is a conventional electric skateboard; while the [dead site:] TPB-450EL has a post seat.

Trend Times Toys, Gifts, and Hobbies is based in the U.S. The store carries a line of primarily stand-on electric scooters.

(2024) X-Treme Scooters has a line of mostly e-bikes and some electric scooters, with a number of dealers in the U.S. that can sell them to you. The site has been around for a long time. Hong Kong based.

[dead link:] Zortch (V is for Voltage) had a couple of electric scoots in their Kong product line.

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