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Electric Snowmobiles and Snow Machines

Last updated 2024.05.03

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We do not sell electric snowmobiles. We think they are going to become a great form of environmentally-friendly transportation and endeavour to provide an unbiased source of information about them. With recent advances in battery technology, we think electric snow machines are poised to explode onto the market as capable machines for both recreational and commercial use. We do sell Soneil battery chargers, which are ideal as on-board chargers for electric snowmobiles as they are compact, lightweight, intelligent and affordable. (They operate at lower temperatures than most switchmode chargers, but should be placed in a sheltered location to avoid exposure to moisture.)

To our knowledge, as of the autumn of 2009, there are no commercial producers of electric snowmobiles, but there are some prototypes in use, and limited production is likely not far off. It is hard to keep up with entrepreneurs that are focused on developing their product. Therefore, this page will probably be continuously out of date, no matter how often I update it. Any additions, corrections and contributions are always welcome.

Paper on Electric Snowmobiles (PHEV 09) 2009.09.30

This paper, titled "Can an Electric Snowmobile be a cost effective solution for use as a utility snowmobile?" was presented in Montreal at the end of September, 2009.

The Outsider: Electric snowmobiles are here - how do they ride? Pique Newsmagazine

Electric Sports Car for crossing the snow? 2009.03.13

The Electric Th!nk FROST is a sleek, enclosed, two-seater sports car fitted with four snow-tracks.

2009 Clarkson University Electric Snowmobile

Paper on the 2009 version of the Clarkson electric snowmobile at SAE conference

Electric snowmobile visits Whistler 2008.12.24

[dead link: http://www.whistlerquestion.com/article/20081224/WHISTLER01/312249915/1030/whistler/electric-snowmobile-visits-whistler] Whistler Question article

Electric Snowmobile in Greenland 2008.07.03

Story about University of Wisconsin's electric snowmobile being used by scientists in Greenland.

Clarkson University Electric Snowmobile (March 2008)

Paper on the conversion of a Polaris snowmobile to electric drive using lithium polymer batteries.

University of Winsconsin wins Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2008.03.19

Article at snowmobile.com

McGill University Electric Snowmobile 2007

McGill University Electric Snowmobile Team Web site

Utah State University Electric Snowmobile 2007

Web site for the 2007 USU electric snow machine.

McGill Electric Snowmobiles 2005 & 2006

Paper from the 2006 Canadian Design Engineering Network conference Toronto, July 24-26, 2006.

South Dakota School of Mines Electric Snowmobile Project

Design Paper (2008)

U.S. National Parks Service / Snolectric Report

Undated report on performance of 2 electric snowmobile configurations.

Electric Snowmobile Conversion in Maine

This Web site includes a couple of photos of an [dead link: http://evmaine.org] electric conversion of a 1970 Skidoo Nordic 399 (undated).

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