On-Road Electric Vehicle Inventory

Last updated 2004.03.14
This page is no longer being updated. It is maintained here for historical reference.

Detail by Geographical Area (T - Z)

Tallahassee, Florida (1)

Porsche Spyder replicar conversion (Spyder Juice) (AS)

Tampa, Florida (4)

Auranthetic Charger electric motorcycle (BG:2)
Electric Woody (JD)
VW Microbus conversion (BG)

Tehachapi, Texas (2)

Toyota RAV4 EV (City of Tehachapi)
Ford Ranger EV (City of Tehachapi)

Tempe, Arizona (1)

VW Rabbit conversion (JR)

Temple City, California (1)

1974 Jensen Healey conversion (JB)

Thornton, Colorado (1)

1980 Volkswagen Rabbit conversion (AM)

Thousand Oaks, California (4)

Chevy S10 electric pickup (City of Thousand Oaks)
[dead site: http://www.ci.thousand-oaks.ca.us/interest/electric_car.htm] Ford Ranger EV (City of Thousand Oaks)
[dead site: http://www.ci.thousand-oaks.ca.us/interest/electric_car.htm]GM EV-1 (City of Thousand Oaks)
1992 Chevrolet S-10 pickup conversion (NA)

Topeka, Kansas (1)

Isetta conversion (GO)

Toronto, Ontario (2)

1959 Henney Kilowatt (IC)
Suzuki Samurai conversion (Electrofuel)
Marathon C-360 van (PO)

Torrance, California (1)

Toyota RAV-4 EV (NTHS)

Trenton, New Jersey (1)

Solectria Force hybrid (TNJ)

Trois Rivieres, Quebec (1)

1994 Chevrolet S-10 (Converted by US Electricar) (EL)

Troy, Michigan (4)

Solectric GT Force (LH)
Two Solectrics (LH)
Solectria Force (Ovonic)

Troy, New York (1)

Sebring-Vanguard Citicar (HVCC)

Tucson, Arizona (11)

1926 Auto Red Bug (Bookmans Bookstores)
1917 Detroit Electric (Bookmans Bookstores)
1922 Detroit Electric (Bookmans Bookstores)
1988 Ford Escort wagon conversion (unknown high school)
GEM four-seater (Bookmans Bookstores)
GEM short bed pickup (Bookmans Bookstores)
1999 GM EV-1 (Bookmans Bookstores)
1984 Pontiac Fiero conversion (LH)
1985 VW Cabriolet conversion (PVERT)
1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup conversion ("White Rabbit") (JM)
1984 Dodge Ram D-50 Pickup (MH)

Tulsa, Oklahoma (2)

Ford Ranger EV (Tulsa Zoo)
1992 Geo Metro conversion hybrid (HM)

Ukiah, California (1)

1996 Saturn conversion (GF)

University Park, Pennsylvania (1)

1992 Ford Escort wagon conversion hybrid (Electric Lion) (PS SAE HEV Team)

Vacaville, California (54)

Chevy S-10 Electric Pickup (NiMH) (Vacaville Electric Vehicle Incentive Program:5)
Chevy S-10 Electric Pickup (NiMH) (City of Vacaville)
Ford Ranger EV (NiMH) (City of Vacaville:2)
Ford Ranger EV (NiMH) (Vacaville Electric Vehicle Incentive Program:4)
1997 General Motors EV1 (Vacaville Electric Vehicle Incentive Program:21)
1999 General Motors EV1 (Lead-Acid) (Vacaville Electric Vehicle Incentive Program:4)
1999 General Motors EV1 (NiMH) (Vacaville Electric Vehicle Incentive Program:8)
Honda EV+
NEV Gizmo
Nissan Hypermini (City of Vacaville:3)
Toyota RAV4-EV (City of Vacaville:4)

Vallejo, California (2)

1980 Volkswagen Pickup conversion (WF)
1981 Volkswagen Pickup conversion (WF)

Valleyfield, Quebec (1)

1996 Chevy S10 conversion (Le Véhicule Vert) (ASY)

Van Alstyne, Texas (1)

1985 Nissan 200SX conversion (Old Reliable) (BB)

Vancouver, British Columbia (35)

1973 Auranthetic motorcycle (W&BvO)
1981 Bradley GT II Electric (DG)
Change-of-Pace (AG)
CEV Airport Hydrant Cart (PLHA)
1982 Chevrolet S-10 pickup conversion (CEV)
1984 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup conversion (SB)
Chevrolet Sprint conversion (CEV)
1981 Datsun Pickup conversion (WB)
1912 Detroit (VEVA)
1992 Dodge Caravan conversion (Flora Distributors)
1979 Dodge Omni ("Omnee") (C?)
1975 Enfield 8000 (VEVA/BG)
Ford Aspire conversion (BMD)
1989 Ford Festiva conversion (AG)
2001 Ford Ranger EV (Ballard Power Generation)
Gizmo (GH)
General Engines Comuta-Car (GE)
1981 General Engines Comuta-Car (Temporary Power Services)
1993 Geo Metro conversion (CEV)
1982 Grumman Delivery Van (CEV)
1995 Homebrew 3-wheeler (GE) 1980
Jet Industries Electravan 600 (Subaru conversion) (RZ)
1980 Jet Industries Electrica 007 (Dodge Omni conversion) (DK)
1981 Mercury Lynx conversion (BG)
1986 Mercury Lynx conversion (AC)
1999 Might-E Truck (CEV)
1987 Nissan Pickup conversion (CEV)
1985 Pontiac Fiero conversion (HM)
1986 Pontiac Fiero conversion (BB)
1972 Porsche 914 conversion (Clean Machine) (sold, new owner unknown)
1978 Porsche 928 ZE conversion (AG)
Reliant conversion (BMD)
1986 Toyota Pickup conversion (DB)
1963 Triumph Spitfire conversion (W&BvO)
2002 Utilimaster Step Van (series hybrid) (Azure Dynamics)

Vancouver, Washington (1)

1974 Suzuki GX250 motorcycle conversion ("Sparky)" (DH)

Victoria, British Columbia (3)

Auranthetic motorcycle (JJ,IW)
1987 Dodge Dakota custom bed conversion (Royal Roads University)

Visalia, California (1)

1990 GMC Sonoma pickup conversion (KH)

Walnut Creek, California (1)

GM EV-1 (Pacific Gas & Electric)

Washington City, Utah (1)

1974 CitiCar (TP) Image (colour - 66K)

Waterbury, Connecticut (1)

1989 Chevrolet S-10 pickup conversion hybrid (Kineticar III) (CSERT-NVCTC)

Waterbury, Vermont (3)

Solectria Force (EVermont)
1995 Solectria Force (Agency of Natural Resources)
1996 Solectria Force (Agency of Natural Resources)

Waterford, Michigan (1)

VW Cabriolet conversion (BM)

Webster, Massachusetts (1)

1986 Dodge Dakota pickup conversion (EH)

Webster, New York (1)

[dead link: http://www.harbec.com/basic/environmental.html] Ford Ranger EV (Harbec Plastics)

West Haven, Connecticut (1)

1984 Ford Ranger conversion (UNH)

Westminster, California (4)

U.S. Electricar Grumman van electric conversion (USPS:4)

West Palm Beach, Florida (1)

Porsche 911 conversion ("The Blue One") (PV)

Westwood, Kansas (2)

1996 Ford Ranger conversion (JD)
1993 Soleq EVcort (Ford Escort conversion) (JD)

Wheaton, Illinois (1)

1992 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup conversion ("Tweety Truck") (TL)

Whitby, Ontario (1)

1980 Electric Chevette conversion (P&M B)

Whitehorse, Yukon (3)

1994 Electricar Pickup (EN)
1993 Ford Escort conversion (Yukon Technical College)
1988 Ford Escort Wagon conversion (EN)

Wilmington, North Carolina (1)

1988 Ford Ranger conversion (New Hanover High School)
Ford Ranger EV (Cape Fear River Watch)

Windsor, Connecticut (1)

1995 Solectria Force (CP)

Winnipeg, Manitoba (1)

1985 Pontiac Fiero conversion (TT)

Winston Salem, North Carolina (1)

1988 Subaru GL (Winston-Salem/Forsyth Career Center)

Winthrop, Massachusetts (1)

1992 Chevy S-10 (JC)

Woodstock, Illinois (1)

1984 Pontiac Fiero conversion (DM)

Worcester, Massachusetts (3)

1995 Toyota XtraCab pickup conversion ("Red Beastie") (TA)
1981 VW Rabbit conversion (TA)
1987 VW Golf 4 door "VoltzDragon" (AA)

Yosemite National Park, California (4)

[dead link: http://www.energy.ca.gov/development/TETAP/yosemite.html] APS electric bus
[dead link: http://www.energy.ca.gov/development/TETAP/yosemite.html] Blue Bird electric buses (2)
[dead link: http://www.energy.ca.gov/development/TETAP/yosemite.html] SVMC electric bus

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