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Last updated 2005.04.24

This page is no longer being updated. It served a purpose before automakers began producing EVs in quantity (e.g. the GM EV-1), but now that electric cars are available to the public at dealers, this page is just a footnote in EV history, and something of a tribute to those who rolled their own during the drought years.

Current Grand Total (North America): 1,776 on-road electric vehicles (excluding most OEM electrics)

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About This Page

There is a perception in the general public in North America that there are no on-road electric vehicles, or very few, and that those are predominantly expensive prototypes built by the major automakers. The mass media and major automakers are not interested in correcting that misconception. So here is a listing of on-road electric vehicles we know about, mostly conversions done by individuals and small companies. This list is undoubtedly incomplete, and contributions are always welcome.

This list is for on-road electric vehicles currently licensed / insured for operation. Vehicles that were in regular operation but are currently out of service can be included, but will have a "non-op" status note in their listing. Vehicles which are no longer operational, "lost", or destroyed are denoted by angle braces [] around them, and are not included in counts. Projects are not included on this list until they are on the road, at which time we will be pleased to add them. If you have information regarding an EV of historical interest, we would be happy to include that on the EV History page.

This list is not for environmental-wannabe's. Electric-assist cars like the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius need not apply. If you have a Honda Insight, you may wish to register at [dead link: http://www.openfrontier.com/insight/"> the unofficial Honda Insight web site.

For purposes of this list, the vehicle has to be powered primarily by electricity, and have a plug for recharging. Vehicles using only a fuel-cell for their supply of electricity will probably qualify, depending on primary fuel source. [Site no longer active: http://ev1-club.power.net/vin.htm] EV-1's, EV+'s, [line has bit-rotted: http://geocities.com/ranger_ev/] Ranger EV's, EPIC's are all welcome here. So are Bombardier NEV's, [link has bit-rotted: http://geocities.com/sparrow_ev/] Sparrows, Gizmos, Trans-2's, GEM's, Autoettes, Electra-Kings, Electric Shoppers, Marketeers, Solectria vehicles like the [link has bit-rotted: http://geocities.com/force_ev] Force, etc. Bicycles powered or assisted by electric drive are not included, but electric scooters, motorcycles (e.g. Corbin-Gentry, Auranthetics), solar cars etc that have obtained licence and insurance (not special permits) to be operated on the road are included. Webmaster's decision is final regarding inclusion.

Deprecated (nobody can lease an EV-1 anymore) If you are leasing a GM EV-1, you may wish to register it at the [site no longer exists: http://ev1-club.power.net/vin.htm] EV-1 Club site VIN page. In order to reduce duplication of effort, we will not make a significant effort to catalog GM EV-1's here, but will defer to the list at the EV-1 Club site. However, if an EV-1 lessee wants their vehicle included in this list, we will be pleased to accommodate them.

Deprecated (nobody can lease an EV+ anymore) If you are leasing a Honda EV+ (EV Plus), you may wish to check out the [site no longer exists: http://www.hondaev.org/] Honda EV+ page (not affiliated with Honda). Honda leased approximately 300 of these units in the U.S. southwest.

If you drive a Ford Ranger EV, you may wish to check out the [link has bit-rotted: http://geocities.com/ranger_ev/] Ford Ranger EV page (not affiliated with Ford), or if you drive a Th!ink, you may prefer to have a look at the [link has bit-rotted: http://geocities.com/think_ev/] Th!nk EV page (also not affiliated with Ford).

If you drive a Corbin Sparrow or are interested in them, you may wish to check out the [link has bit-rotted: http://geocities.com/sparrow_ev/] Sparrow page.

If you know of a defunct, but essentially intact, electric vehicle looking for a new home, let us know and we will try to match it to someone interested in restoring it to operating condition.

These figures were posted on the EV Discussion List in March 1999. Undoubtedly there are more of at least some of these models since then. How many can we locate?

(that makes a total of 2,096, but excludes Solectria, Bombardier, etc and conversions and home-builts by individuals).

As of February, 2000, Solectria claims to have produced over 400 on-road EVs (personal correspondence).

EVAA's statistics as of the end of 1999(3,302 vehicles, 1996-1999 cumulative) EVAA's 1994 EV Population Paper (Alternate page)

Noel Adams reports that the following figures (except for the Ecoms) were submitted by the Big 5 to the California Air Resources Board as of March 31, 2000. Daimler/Chrysler EPIC

They are supposed to be delivering another 9 to Xpress Shuttle in June 2000. Ford Ranger

Ford are supposed to deliver a number of Th!nk vehicles to the Presidio some time in June 2000. GM 1997 EV1 Delivered 400 all of which are currently off the road due to recall GM 1999 EV1 - 162 Only NiMH have been delivered in California S10 PbA - 110 All of which are currently off the road due to recall S10 NiMH - 117 All of which are currently off the road due to recall Honda EV+ - 276 Nissan Altra - 81 Toyota RAV4 - 486 ECOM - 13 (Part of a demonstration program at UC Irvine) (That comes to a total of 1,616 OEM EV's on the road in North America as of June, 2000 by their own figures, considerably less than the 3,000 to 5,000 figure often used in the media in early 2000.)

Late in 2002, Tom Dowling wrote:

Regarding the number of RAV4 EVs on the road....

Checking http://www.evaa.org/evaa/pages/ele_ev_market.htm

Sales by year....

1997 69
1998 359
1999 255
2000 106
2001 160
2002 1st half 218
2002 2nd half (my guesstimate) 82

Estimated total 1249

That puts Toyota ahead of:
EV1 (1110)
S10E (490)
EV+ (300)
Chrysler Epic EV (207)
Nissan Altra EV (130)
but behind the Ranger EV (1812, including 500 U.S. :Postal Service special models).

That's sales, of course.... and at least a few of these are no longer on the road due to wrecks and other circumstances.

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