Instructions for Building the HS-1

Last updated 2002.01.28

The EVCO HS-1 Electrathon Vehicle

The following pages provide an introduction to the HS-1, a list of materials with costs as of late 1997 when the vehicle was built, and instructions as to how it was built. This vehicle, and these plans, were intended as a guide as to how to build a simple, reliable Electrathon vehicle that would acquit itself respectably - not necessarily an event-winner. You are welcome to read, use and copy these instructions for your own use. This material is copyrighted by the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa. If you wish to provide this information to others, please refer them to this website, and they too can read, use and copy this information for their own use. Any other use of this material without express written permission from the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa constitutes a violation of copyright.

Please note: these instructions are provided as a public service, any use of them is at your own risk. The material is dated, and may no longer be correct.

Page 1 - Introduction (GIF image - 45 k)
Page 2 - Bill of Materials (GIF image - 33 k)
Page 3 - Note to Teachers (GIF image -45 k)
Page 4 - Instructions (GIF image - 41 k)
Page 5 - Instructions (continued) (GIF image - 49 k)
Page 6 - Instructions (continued) (GIF image - 42 k)
Page 7 - Instructions (continued) (GIF image - 51 k)
Page 8 - Instructions (continued) (GIF image - 42 k)
Page 9 - Illustrations (GIF image - 26 k)
Page 10 - Illustrations (continued) (GIF image - 43 k)
Page 11 - Illustrations (continued) (GIF image - 62 k)

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