Brian's Electric Leopard!

Front of car
lep1.jpg 12k
lep2.jpg 9k
Under the hood
lep3.jpg 12k
Rear hatch open
lep4.jpg 11k
lep5.jpg 9k
lep6.jpg 8k

Specifications of Lectric Leopard
Chassis 1979 Renault LeCar
Curb Weight Before conversion: 2,100lb, after: 2,550lb weighed
Conversion US Electricar, Athol, MA
Top Speed 55mph in 4th (192Volt one in CA does about 120mph)
Range 60 miles summer (I've done 111mi with opportunity charging.)
Motor Prestolite 6" 12hp continuous
Controller 2-step contactor 24/48Volt
Battery 48 volts (4 strings of 24Volt), 12V grp24 accessory batt
16 x 6-volt flooded lead-acid heavy duty golf cart batteries,
Douglas EV-137 (T-125). 235 ampere-hour at 20 hour rate,
132 minutes at 75 amp rate (typical for EV)

The complete manual!
The original sales brochure.