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Why Do Electrathon?

The 1998 (premiere) edition of the EVCO Electrathon was a great success! The 2nd annual EVCO Electrathon held in 1999 was bigger and better.

Next year's event is scheduled for Saturday, June 2, 2001, at Capital City Speedway, Stittsville, Ontario.

The Queen's University (Kingston, ON) Great Electric Car Race was held on Saturday May 27. The 2000 version of their event permitted Electrathon-class vehicles to participate in their own category, however, their 2-hour event duration was still in force. 18 vehicles participated in the event, including one made primarily from corrugated cardboard, including the wheels. It was a great success - our congratulations to all involved. For more information on the Queen's University, Faculty of Education event, please contact their event co-ordinator.

The objective of the Electrathon contest is to travel as far as possible in one-hour in a single-seater vehicle using only the energy available from approximately 30 kilograms of lead-acid batteries. The vehicles must comply with a set of rules (e.g. 3 or more wheels, safety devices). Creativity in the design and construction of the vehicles is encouraged. The Electrathon cars are much like the solar cars that take part of international competitions, except that they do not have the (expensive) solar panels, allowing them to be constructed on limited budgets. Like larger on-road electric cars, the Electrathon cars produce no air pollution in operation, and can be virtually silent.

The 2000 EVCO Electrathon was organized and partially sponsored by EVCO (the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa).
Photograph of the EVCO Electrathon demonstration vehicle - colour (25 k).

Information about other Electrathon and similar events

Announcement (2000.05.03)

The original entry deadline (April 30, 2000) has passed. Event officials have decided to permit late registrations, but at a higher registration fee: CDN$60.00.

Early registration fee (before January 31, 2000) was $30. Regular registration fee (before April 30, 2000) was $40. Registrations will still be cut off at 40 entries. Registered teams are shown below on this page.

Announcement (2000.05.02)

There will be a number of displays at the Speedway on June 3rd, other than the Electrathon vehicles. These include:

Ford Ranger EVs
Honda Insight (hybrid)
Toyota Prius (hybrid)
2000 Mazda Miata electric conversion
1998 Chevrolet Cavalier electric conversion
Several other on-road electric cars
Electric bicycles and motorcycles
Electric boats
Electric tractor
Radio Control model electric boats
and other items of interest

Announcement (updated 2000.04.18)

The Mitel Corporation awards its Excellence in Planning Awards

Mitel has announced that the following three schools qualified for an award of $250 (Canadian) towards the cost of their project after the review of the project plans submitted to Mitel.

Arnprior District High School (Arnprior, ON)
Earl of March High School (Kanata, ON)
Woodroffe High School (Ottawa, ON)

Seven additional awards were available, but not awarded. The submissions deadline was midnight, April 10, 2000 (EDT). Teams must be registered in the 2000 EVCO Electrathon by the same date to qualify for an award. Mitel has committed to sponsoring these awards again for the 2001 EVCO Electrathon.

Teams Registered to Date for the 2000 EVCO Electrathon

1) Almonte and District High School, Almonte, ON [31]
2) Seaway District High School, Iroquois, ON [32]
3) St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School, (Midas Touch) Hammond ON [#X (Roman Numeral for 10)]
4) St. Peter Catholic High School, Orleans, ON [12]
5) L'Équipe Propultron, Repentigny, PQ [46]
6) Earl of March High School, Kanata, ON [2]
7) R.S. McLaughlin Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Oshawa, ON [33]
8) [site defunct: http://home.iSTAR.ca/~kyah"] Woodroffe High School Smo, Ottawa, ON [3.14]
9) [site defunct: http://home.iSTAR.ca/~kyah"] Woodroffe High School Carbonita, Ottawa, ON [103]
10) [dead site: http://www.cyberus.ca/~weavers/shadow/blacksha.htm] Vincent's Black Shadow Racing, Ottawa, ON [57]
11) K. Ishikawa, Gatineau PQ [34]
12) Mother Teresa High School, Nepean, ON [18]
13) Équipe court-circuit, Wakefield PQ [72]
14) Arnprior District High School (Red Lightning), Arnprior, ON [747]
15) Osgoode Township High School, Osgoode, ON [35]
16) Brookfield High School, Ottawa, ON [3]
17) Courtice High School, Courtice, ON [36]

Not eligible for prizes, but expected to run in the event, is the EVCO demonstration vehicle [98].

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