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Announcement - Pre-Events for 2002 EVCO Electrathon Held

We had one Electrathon vehicle appear for the demonstration at Canadian Museum of Science & Technology which was held Sunday June 2. The new body for BSR racing is all we had been expecting, including the formed plastic dome. Other EVCO presentations included 2 VW Jetta conversions, an electric-drive boat, an electric motorcycle and videos of past Electrathons and electric drag racing, presented on a solar-powered TV/VCR. This was in keeping with the Solarquest theme for the day at the museum.

Also on June 2, the [website not found: http://www.saublespeedway.com/Sauble_Speedwa/Electric_Car_x.html] Bluewater E-Car Race was held at Sauble Speedway near Owen Sound, Ontario. 17 vehicles took part in that competition, so we expect some late registrations for our event.

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Rules - High School Class (unchanged from 2001)
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Instructions for Building the HS-1
Why Do Electrathon?

This year's event is scheduled for Saturday, June 8, 2002, at the [Site no longer exists: http://www.ottodrome.com/">Ottodrome International Speedway] . June 8 is the last day of Environment Week in Canada, a nice tie-in to our event.

The objective of the Electrathon contest is to travel as far as possible in one-hour in a single-seater vehicle using only the energy available from approximately 30 kilograms of lead-acid batteries. The vehicles must comply with a set of rules (e.g. 3 or more wheels, safety devices). Creativity in the design and construction of the vehicles is encouraged. The Electrathon cars are much like the solar cars that take part of international competitions, except that they do not have the (expensive) solar panels, allowing them to be constructed on limited budgets. Like larger on-road electric cars, the Electrathon cars produce no air pollution in operation, and can be virtually silent.

[Dead link: http://www.cyberus.ca/~weavers/ethon01/otthon01.htm] The 2001 EVCO Electrathon was organized and partially sponsored by EVCO (the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa).

Photograph of the EVCO Electrathon demonstration vehicle - colour (25 k).

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[Dead link: http://www.cyberus.ca/~weavers/ethon01/otthon01.htm] 2001 EVCO Electrathon>

Information about other Electrathon and similar events

Teams Registered to Date for the 2002 EVCO Electrathon

(Listed in order of receipt. Grid starting positions are assigned by order of receipt. (OC=Open Class; HS=High School Class)

[Dead link: http://www.cyberus.ca/~weavers/shadow] Black Shadow Racing [AMP-RAGE, #57] (OC)
Giraph Protective Technologies [#G1] (OC)
I.E. Weldon Secondary School "Weldon Wild Wheels" [#24] (HS)
Propultron [#46] (OC)
Courtice Secondary School [#38] (HS)
Collège Catholique Franco-Ouest (HS)
Woodroffe High School "Carbonita" [#4] (HS)
Woodroffe High School [#9] (HS)
Arnprior District High School "Red Lightning" [#747] (HS)
Arnprior District High School "Rolling Thunder" [#01] (HS)
Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute (HS) [#69]
Équipe Court-Circuit (OC) [#72]
Earl of March High School (HSEC)
Brookfield High School (HSEC)

We are now into the late registration period (May 1, 2002 to June 8, 2002).

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