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The 1998 (premiere) edition of the EVCO Electrathon was a great success! As expected, the 1999 version featured even more participants.

The objective of the Electrathon contest is to travel as far as possible in one-hour in a single-seater vehicle using only the energy available from approximately 30 kilograms of lead-acid batteries. The vehicles must comply with a set of rules (e.g. 3 or more wheels, safety devices). Creativity in the design and construction of the vehicles is encouraged. The Electrathon cars are much like the solar cars that take part of international competitions, except that they do not have the (expensive) solar panels, allowing them to be constructed on limited budgets. Like larger on-road electric cars, the Electrathon cars produce no air pollution in operation, and can be virtually silent.

The following teams were registered for the 1999 EVCO Electrathon:

Albert Campbell C.I., Scarborough ON (#99)
[web page has bit-rotted: http://www.renfrew.edu.on.ca/sec/ADH/red/index.html] Arnprior District High School, Arnprior ON (#747)
Banting Memorial High School (1), Alliston ON (#1313)
Banting Memorial High School (2), Alliston ON (#31)
Banting Memorial High School (3), Alliston ON (#9)
Brookfield High School, Ottawa ON (#13)
Cornwall Collegiate & Vocational School, Cornwall ON
Courtice High School, Courtice ON (#199)
Earl of March High School, Kanata ON
Equipe court-Circuit, Wakefield PQ Image (colour 54k)
Gloucester High School, Gloucester ON
Haliburton Highlands Secondary School, Haliburton ON
K. Ishikawa, Gatineau PQ
Lakefield District Secondary School, Lakefield ON
Loyalist Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Kingston ON
Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic High School, Oshawa ON
Mother Teresa High School, Nepean ON
Perth and District Collegiate, Perth ON
St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School (1), Hammond ON
St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School (2), Hammond ON
St. Jean de Brebeuf High School, Hamilton ON
St. Peter High School, Orleans ON
Saugeen District Secondary School, Port Elgin ON (#2)
Woburn Collegiate Institute, Scarborough ON
Woodroffe High School, Ottawa ON (#3.14)
Woodroffe High School, Ottawa ON (#1960)

The main event took place on Saturday, June 5, 1999 at Capital City Speedway, which was also World Environment Day.

Once again, Capital City Speedway, the St. John's Ambulance, the Ontario Provincial Police helped us stage this event. We are most appreciative of their assistance.

The 1999 EVCO Electrathon was organized and partially sponsored by EVCO (the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa).
Photograph of the EVCO Electrathon demonstration vehicle - colour (25 k).

Information about other Electrathon and similar events

Old News Flash! Accommodation

1999.05.07 - We are in the process of securing accommodation for out-of-town participants at the residences at Carleton University. This is about 25 kilometres from the event site. We can obtain accommodation for the nights of both Friday, June 4th and Saturday, June 5th. The cost is $23.97 per person per night, which includes all taxes and breakfast. This is the school group rate (must be paid on a single bill per group). Please contact Darryl McMahon of the Electrathon committee or Karen Dupuis at Carleton University (613-520-5612) for more information or to make a group booking.

Old News Flash! Rules Clarification

1999.04.29 - In response to a query from a potential participant, EVCO officials have determined that we will permit the use of two Hawker Genesis G42EP batteries in an Electrathon vehicle. These batteries are a sealed lead-acid battery. At 14.9 kg and 42 ampere-hours they are lighter than some sealed 22NF series batteries we already permit, and also have a similar amp-hour rating to 22NF batteries. For example, the Exide batteries being provided at a discount to participants weigh 15.9 kg and are rated as having a slightly lower capacity (40 AH - about 5%) than the G42EP batteries. If you have questions regarding this ruling, please send an e-mail to the Webmaster.

Exide Canada Inc. has agreed to provide batteries at a discount. See Sponsors page for details.

Old News: from EV World e-zine, May 16, 1999
ELECTROLITE EV BREAKS SPEED RECORD Spring time is Electrathon racing time and last week, Michael Lewis driving the "Electrolite" smashed the week-old speed record for an Electrathon-class EV by going 47.66 miles per hour. The old record was just over 40 mph. Also in the same race, the Foster Applied Technology Center broke the distance record in the one-hour endurance race by going 41.57 miles.

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