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2002 EVCO Electrathon Registration Information

Last updated 2001.12.31

Teams may register in either the High School Electrathon Class or the Open Class.
A maximum of 40 teams will be allowed to register - first come, first served.
Placement on the starting grid will be based on date of team registration.
Each team must register separately, i.e. if a school wishes to have two vehicles competing, it must register each vehicle/team.

Please consult the rules before registering. For those that have participated previously, the rules have not changed from 2001, other than some cosmetic updates.

Please note that all vehicle drivers must have a valid driver's licence of some kind.

Rules - High School Class
Rules - Open Class

Registration Dates

Early Registration Deadline: February 28, 2002. Fee: CDN$20.00

Regular Registration Deadline: April 30, 2002. Fee: CDN$30.00

Late Registration (after April 30, 2002). Fee: CDN$40.00 and subject to there being less than 40 vehicles already registered.

Registration Forms

HSEC Team Registration and Liability Waiver
HSEC Team Member Registration and Waiver

Open Class Team Registration and Liability Waiver
Open Class Team Member Registration and Waiver

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