2002 EVCO Electrathon Results

Last updated 2002.06.08

Despite days of glorious weather forecasts for the big day, the day started overcast and ominous. It appeared our rain or shine policy for the event would be put to the test this year. While sporadic light showers did occur several times throughout the day, the actual downpour the clouds kept hinting at never materialized.

Sadly, the threatening skies probably kept away a significant portion of the numbers of spectators we had expected. Unfortunate for them - they missed our best Electrathon event to date. In addition to the Electrathon vehicles, we had a nice selection of other EVs displayed, including:

Radio control model boats (operating in the portable "pond"), courtesy of Rideau Nautical Modelers
A trailerable sailboat with an electric auxiliary drive built into the rudder (EVCO member)
An ElecTrak E15 electric tractor (EVCO member)
A Ford Ranger electric conversion (EVCO member)
A Mazda RX-7 electric conversion (EVCO member)
2 VW Jetta electric conversions (EVCO members)
An Auranthetic electric motorcycle (EVCO member)
A Pontiac Fiero electric conversion (EVCO member)
A Nissan Hypermini (courtesy Transport Canada)
A Ford Ranger EV (courtesy Transport Canada)
A Toyota Estima hybrid minivan (courtesy Transport Canada), and,
A Honda Insight hybrid (courtesy Transport Canada).

This year, thirteen vehicles qualified for the Electrathon competition: four in Open Class; and nine in the High School Electrathon Class. Three registered teams did not appear on event day. At least one of these suffered a breakdown the previous Sunday in a similar event which could not be resolved in time for the 2002 EVCO event. In general, I thought the quality of the vehicles was the best yet, and the competitiveness is reflected in the fact that the top five teams completed between 60 and 65 laps in the hour.

The fastest lap time recorded provided a speed of approximately 55 km/h.

After the one-hour competition, the on-road display vehicles performed demonstration laps for the spectators, and most of the Electrathon cars were moved to the display area to permit closer inspection by the public.

High School Electrathon Class Placings

First Place (Trophy plus $100)

Arnprior District High School "Red Lightning" [#747] 64.75 laps (39 km)

Second Place (Trophy plus $75)

Arnprior District High School "Rolling Thunder" [#01] 63.2 laps (38 km)

Third Place (Trophy plus $50)

Courtice Secondary School [#38] 61.2 laps (37 km)

Fourth Place

I.E. Weldon Secondary School [#24] 50.6 laps (30 km)

Fifth Place

East Northumberland Secondary School [#16] 50.0 laps (30 km)

Sixth Place

Brookfield High School [#41] 40.0 laps (24 km)

Seventh Place

Woodroffe High School "Carbonita" [#4] 33.0 laps (20 km)

Eighth Place

East Northumberland Secondary School [#15] 21.0 laps (13 km)

Ninth Place

Woodroffe High School [#9] 19.0 laps (11 km)

Open Class Placings

First Place (Trophy plus $100)

"Propultron" [#46] 65.4 laps (39 km)

Second Place (Trophy plus $75)

Giraph Protective Technologies [#G1] 60.0 laps (36 km)

Third Place (Trophy plus $50)

Équipe Court-Circuit [#72] 54.1 laps (32 km)

Fourth Place

Black Shadow Racing [#57] 31.5 laps (19 km)

Phileas Fogg Award (greatest distance traveled to participate) (Certificate plus $50)

Courtice Secondary School

Technical Merit Award (Trophy)

Giraph Protective Technologies (for their "leaning" style vehicle)

IEE Faraday Award (for Best Notebook) ($200)

East Northumberland Secondary School

Econogics Albert H. McMahon Memorial Award (best overall participation) (Trophy plus $200)

Courtice Secondary School

As event Chair, I thank all the approximately 100 volunteers for their efforts that made for a smooth running event, including groups

Motorsport Club of Ottawa
The Institution of Electrical Engineers
CineReal Pro Video
Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club
St. John Ambulance
and a significant number of individuals not affiliated with these groups, as well as many EVCO members.

I am also grateful to the owner and staff of the Ottodrome International Speedway for their cooperation and assistance in staging this event, and helping things go so smoothly.

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