N.B. This Inspection Checklist is subject to change at the discretion of the EEOC at any time prior to the start of the inspection. In the event of a discrepancy, the full text of the rules supercedes this checklist.

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* Minimum 3 road wheels - 40 cm/16 inches or larger diameter, 60 cm track (HSEC).
* Inherently stable at rest.
* Physical dimensions - max. 360 cm/144 inches long, 120 cm/48 inches wide, 150 cm/60 inches high (HSEC).
* No sharp or dangerous surfaces.
* Wiring harness is appropriately sized and securely and safely installed.
* Circuit protection (fuses, circuit breakers) are appropriately sized and properly installed.
* EPO switch(es) are labeled (4 inches/10 cm high and highly visible).
* EPO switch(es) accessible by driver and externally.
* EPO switches are functional.
* Roll-over protection - present and vehicle can be lifted by it.
* Roll-over protection at least 2 inches above driver's head.
* Safety harness / seat-belts - present and vehicle can be lifted by it.
* Rear view devices present to allow driver clear view to both sides behind vehicle.
* Brakes - visual inspection - operate on at least two wheels
* Brakes - push test - braked wheels do not turn at full brake applied.
* Drive train - all parts are securely installed and will operate safely.
* Steering - steering system appears robust and will operate safely.
* Turning capability (Left and Right turns - 180 degrees in 15 metres).
* Weigh batteries (max. 29 kg flooded, or 32 kg sealed). Apply seals.
* No power source other than batteries.
* Battery compartment - encloses batteries and contains no other components - batteries are secured.
* Verify each driver has valid and current driver's licence. (Learner's permit OK)
* Weigh drivers with ballast. Mark and seal ballast. Stamp hands.
* Verify drivers' helmets and clothing comply with rules (motorcycle, snowmobile helmets or better, bicycle helmets not permitted).
* Driver exit test (20 seconds unaided).
* Driver removal test (20 seconds, maximum four people, no driver assistance).
* Identification numbers are at least 20 cm high, clearly visible from both sides
* Examine for Technical Merit
* Successful completion of at least 2 test laps observed by officials

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