2002 EVCO Electrathon

You are required to provide a completed copy of this form to the EEOC as soon as possible after joining a registered Electrathon team. You are required to bring a copy of this completed form to the Electrathon event.

No registration fee is required for individual team members.

Name of Team Member: _______________________________________________

School / Team Name: _______________________________________________

I am participating in this event of my own free will, and I will be held personally responsible for my actions. I will conduct myself in a sportsmanlike manner and be responsible for such behaviour by my team-mates, friends and family.

I understand the rules of this event as set out by the EVCO Electrathon Organizing Committee and agree to abide by the rules, conditions and decisions of the event officials.

I accept the conditions under which this event is held, and accept all risks inherent in this event including those unforeseen or unanticipated by myself.

I agree to hold harmless the event organizers, event sponsors, officials and volunteers from liability of any kind. I agree to settle any and all disputes through established event rules.

I understand this is a non-professional event and that changes, delays and errors may occur.

Signature of Team Member: ___________________________ Date: ____________

Guardian's Signature: _____________________________ Date: ____________
(if participant is less than 19 years old)

Guardian's Printed Name:_______________________________________________
(if participant is less than 19 years old)