2000 EVCO Electrathon - Event Day Schedule
(Saturday, June 3, 2000)

Last updated 2000.05.21

07:45 - Volunteer Registration open (near pit gate)
08:00 - Team Registration open (at pit gate)
08:00 - Vehicle Inspection Area open (paddock area)
08:30 - Track available for REQUIRED test runs for inspected vehicles until 10:30 (bring extra batteries)
10:00 - Displays open
10:40 - Briefing meetings for drivers and officials - ALL drivers must be present
10:50 - Introduction of First Heat vehicles onto the track
11:00 - First Heat begins
12:00 - First Heat ends
12:10 - Demonstration period for display vehicles (on track)
12:35 - Test laps period if required (for vehicles passing inspection area after 10:30)
12:45 - Inspection Area closed
12:50 - Introduction of Second Heat vehicles onto the track
13:00 - Second Heat begins
14:00 - Second Heat ends
14:30 - Awards presentation (by starter's stand)
15:00 - Track and pit area must be cleared
17:00 - All teams, displays, spectators and officials must be off the premises.

Please note: all drivers must attend the briefing before the first heat, even if the vehicle will be running in the second heat. You will not know which heat you are in until the day of the event.

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