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Last updated 2024.05.24

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We collect no information about who accesses the Econogics Web site. Period.

When we surf the Web to collect information, we don't think it is necessary to identify ourselves in any way to access information that is effectively in the public domain. We think you're entitled to the same.

If you want to become our customer, or know you for some other reason, you have to contact us.


We provide a lot of information on our Web site, and have collected it over a long period of time. We take reasonable measures to provide accurate and current information, but it is possible we are incorrect, or that information has become outdated. We accept no responsibility for any reliance on information provided on this Web site (unless you explicitly contact us to verify it). Do your own research on subjects that are important to you.

Dead Links

There are a lot of dead links on this website. When aware of them, we mark them as such, but generally do not remove the text reference to them, intentionally. We have been on the web for a long time (originally circa 1995), and the website has a LOT of content. However, a fair bit of what is provided here was, and is, intended to be historical reference material. Just because the general consensus of webmasters is that something older than last week is no longer interesting, does not mean it did not happen. How 1984 of them (sorry if the reference is from before your time, but you should take the time to figure it out - try a web search). It is important to understand what has gone before, because humans are simply too willing to make the same mistakes repeatedly. Anyway, if you find something on the site where the link doesn't work, consider using the Internet Archive or your own basic web search to find a current version of related content. If finding material that has fallen off the click-bait front page or even, gasp, real information from 'before the Internet', please consider joining me in making a donation to the Internet Archive / Wayback Machine. (And page ranking web crawlers, get over yourselves.)

Copyright and Ownership of Intellectual Property

Everything on this Web site is the property of Econogics, Inc. (unless explicitly stated otherwise), and we reserve all rights. Any reproduction of any material on this Web site without our written permission is expressly prohibited (other than as permitted under fair use provisions under the laws of Canada and international treaties).

So, instead of copying our material to another Web site, why not save yourself some work and just put in a link to the material on this Web site? If you want to point to something inside an existing page, just ask us, and we'll try to accommodate.

If you want to reproduce our material for a medium other than a Web site, contact us regarding your intentions, and we'll likely give you the OK if you provide us with accreditation for the material being used.

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