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Last updated 2020.04.07

Do-It-Yourself Faceshields (COVID-19 pandemic)

This is something I dreamed up on Sunday as drafting another COVID-19 blog entry was making me a bit looney, and I was trying to turn my mind to plastic pollution again.

This 'faceshield' is simply a piece of formed, clear plastic cut from an emptied 2-litre soft-drink bottle. It holds onto your face due to the memory of the shape of the bottle. No extra parts or construction required.
Simplest possible DIY face shield

This could be better for protection than a DIY cloth mask because:

  • it is not porous, so the virus can't pass through it
  • it does not hold the virus right against your face
  • it does not fog up your glasses
  • it rolls up for easy storage in your purse or carry-bag
  • cleans easily with soap and water or a disinfectant wipe (clean both sides)
  • no sewing required
  • it is essentially free - you get it when you buy the contents of the bottle for their value
  • it repurposes a piece of plastic which will otherwise likely end up in landfill or the environment, and
  • it shields your EYES from horizontal emissions.
    I am not a health care professional and I am not dispensing medical advice
    If you choose to make one of these and use it for any purpose, you do so at your own risk
    This contrivance has not been tested scientifically to prove effectiveness for anything

    [In best TV advertising tone] But wait, there's more.

    If you do your cutting carefully, you can have this lovely bonus set for free,
    DIY Bonus Set
    A bottomless, unbreakable martini 'glass' (or funnel with screw-on cap), and a candy dish.

    No additional shipping charges or taxes.

    But it turns out that people have already come up with designs for DIY face shields made from single-use plastic soft drink bottles. So far, all the ones I have found since I cut up this 2-litre bottle require additional materials and construction effort, but are probably better at staying in place and providing additional protection.

    and there are undoubtedly more if you take the time to look.

    One final look at the simplest DIY faceshield with a message of hope for us all.
    Simpler than possible DIY face shield - STAY HOME

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