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Electric Tractor Sites

Last updated 2021.11.11

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Small gasoline engines are detrimental to our air, water and peace. One application where they can be replaced with quiet, reliable, zero-emissions electric drives is in tractors. Most people are not even aware that electric tractors exist. This page is intended to provide links to other information on the Internet related to electric tractors and related equipment. Electric tractors and even electric lawnmowers are now becoming more commonplace in American household sheds. There is a new generation of electric tractors becoming available in recent years, but many of the electric tractors in operation today are the remnants of a fleet produced in the 1970's, largely in response to the desire for a quiet, reliable machine that was not dependent on interruptible foreign oil. The fact that many of these machines are still in operation, and that others are being restored to operation almost 30 years later is a testament to their robustness and reliability. Contributions are always welcome. If you have an unwanted electric tractor, let us know, and we will try to link you up with someone who would like to relieve you of that burden.

Discussion List

There is an Elec-Trak e-mail discussion list on the Internet. To subscribe to this list, send an e-mail to and in the body of the message put "subscribe". To unsubscribe send to the same address and say "unsubscribe". This list welcomes contributions about all makes of electric tractors, not just the Elec-Traks (which appear to be the most common).

There is an Elec-Trak Garden Tractor Discussion List at Yahoo. This list does not have nearly the volume of the Tufts list, and is nearly dormant (71 messages in 4 years). (E-mails sent here do not go to the Tufts discussion list.)

The Elec-Trak e-mail discussion list is archived at


Electric Tractors - General

Econogics Electric Tractors page
[Dead link:] The Small Tractor FAQ - Tractor Resources - Electric Tractors
Jim Coates's page of electric tractors and similar devices

Elec-Trak Specific

[site has disappeared:] The General Electric Elec-Trak Owners Club Website
[site has disappeared:] Web Forum
Rod Hower's Elec-Trak page
[Dead link:] Steve's Stuff, including some Elec-Trak information
[Dead link:] Tim Gulden's E20 page
[Site no longer exists:] Walt's Elec-Trak Page

Photo of GE E10 and E15 electric tractors (colour - 381k - original photo courtesy of Rob Vasichek)
Photo of GE I-5 electric tractor (colour - 329k - original photo courtesy of Rob Vasichek)
[Site no longer exists:] An Enthusiastic Owner "Speaks" Out
4 photos of an Elec-Trak at a Tractor Pull
At the starting line. (colour - 188k)
Sit back, try to put more weight over rear wheels. (colour - 186k)
Then, the belt slips. Nuts!!! (colour - 181k)
Travelled 150' on a 200' track. Would have done more if the belt had not slipped. It was dubbed the silent puller because the rest of them was gas and made noise. (colour - 161k)

Elec-Trak E12M front view (colour - 141k) (Photo courtesy of Dennis Pestka)
Elec-Trak drill accessory (colour - 23k) (Photo courtesy of Dennis Pestka)
Elec-Trak welder accessory (colour - 24k) (Photo courtesy of Dennis Pestka)
Elec-Trak E12M right side view (colour - 141k) (Photo courtesy of Dennis Pestka)
Elec-Trak E12M dashboard view (colour - 137k) (Photo courtesy of Dennis Pestka)

Elec-Trak with GE/Haben sickle bar mower (mower down, ready for operation) (colour - 40k) (Photo courtesy of Larry Elie)
Elec-Trak with GE/Haben sickle bar mower (mower up) (colour - 29k) (Photo courtesy of Larry Elie)

Elec-Trak Rotary Sweeper Images [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

More sweeper images (courtesy Harry Landis)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Max Hall's Elec-Trak with snowblower
Honda 2-stage snowblower re-worked to fit GE E12 (Photo courtesy of Keith Steig)

Motor Curves (courtesy of Mike Wallace)
E20 Drive Motor (also Wheelhorse C-185 & GE I-5)
E15 Drive Motor
Snowthrower Motor

Harry Landis's galvanized mower deck (photos courtesy of Harry Landis)
Top View
Bottom View

Mike Finck's E-20 Restoration Video (less than 2 minutes - .mp4 file)

Wheel Horse Specific

Anthony Bailey's 1975 Wheel Horse C-185 electric tractor

Wheel Horse A60 top view (colour - 140k) (Photo courtesy of Dennis Pestka)
Wheel Horse A60 left side view (colour - 142k) (Photo courtesy of Dennis Pestka)
Wheel Horse A60 top view (colour - 142k) (Photo courtesy of Dennis Pestka)
Wheel Horse C185 front view (colour - 26k) (Photo courtesy of Dennis Pestka)
Wheel Horse C185 front/right view (colour - 25k) (Photo courtesy of Dennis Pestka)
Wheel Horse C185 right side view (colour - 29k) (Photo courtesy of Dennis Pestka)
Wheel Horse C185 mower deck (colour - 66k) (Photo courtesy of Dennis Pestka)

New Idea Specific

EGT150 Wiring Schematic (courtesy L. Stacey) (4.4 megabyte TIFF file)
EGT150 Wiring Layout (courtesy L. Stacey) (4.2 megabyte TIFF file)


Here are some images of Carl Ervin's conversion of a Sears Craftsman 38-inch lawn tractor to battery electric power. Originally a 12.5 hp unit, the new drive system is designed around the Briggs & Stratton ETEK motor, with a 48V battery pack of 110AH SLA batteries. Full safety interlocks were retained. Estimated run time on a charge is 2 - 3 hours, based on current experience with the mower. Power Cheq modules were utilized to keep the battery pack balanced and the smart charger should make battery maintenance much simpler. Total cost was about $1200. Carl says he REALLY enjoys mowing the yard much more than before ! ! (don't need earplugs anymore). (Following images courtesy Carl Ervin.)
Side View
Left side, close-up
Dash view from driver's seat
Under the hood
View of the batteries
Charger, under the seat view

[Dead link:] New Holland tractor converted to electric

[Dead link:] Scratch-built zero-radius electric tractor

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