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Electric Bicycle (bike) Links

Last updated 2019.10.30

Looking for a smart, small, lightweight, affordable charger for your electric bike?
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We don't sell electric bicycles. We continue to provide unbiased information about the electric bike because we feel they are a superior urban transportation solution for many applications, notably commuting. For a list of electric bike suppliers (complete bikes, kits and components), please see the listing at the bottom of this page or the advertisements to the right. (We do sell Soneil battery chargers, some of which are ideal as chargers for electric bike batteries as they are small, lightweight, intelligent and affordable.)

Bicycles are a wonderful form of transportation. They are quiet, require limited material resources to produce, are relatively inexpensive, take up little space on roadways and parking lots, do not pollute, they provide the rider with exercise. They do have some drawbacks, even in suitable climates. The rider is often sweating from exertion at the end of the ride, and some people are not physically capable of powering a bicycle unaided up hills or for long distances. Over the years, there have been several power-assist units developed, including mopeds and gasoline-powered add-on friction drives. There have also been electric assist drives developed. In general, electric power for bicycles has been in the form of power-assist units, not a total replacement for the human-power component. This is more for legal reasons (vehicle is still considered a bicycle, not a moped or motorcycle, and is exempt from licensing and insurance requirements in most jurisdictions) than practical reasons (you can pedal home if the battery becomes totally discharged).

Possible sources of electric bicycles or add-on power-assist units include the following. I have not contacted most of these firms and am not familiar with the majority of their products. Several have contacted us to be included in this list. I hope this list is helpful in your search for personal electric transportation.
ChargerElectric Bicycles produce a custom-built bike with electric-assist capability - this is not an add-on kit. The original company has stopped production, but the bikes and parts are now available through Electroportal.
[Site no longer exists: http://www.carmichaelcycle.com/] Carmichael Cycle offers a line of scooter-style electric bikes, based in Toronto.
[Site no longer exists: http://www.currentmoves.com/] Current Moves is dedicated to providing California residents with economical and high quality alternative forms of transportation carrying only top brands such as eGo, Goped, eMoto, iZip, eZip and more.
Currie Technologies Inc. produces electric drive packages for 2-wheel, 3-wheel and 4-wheel bicycles under the U.S. Pro Drive label.
[Site no longer exists: http://www.currietech.com.au/] Currie Technologies - Australia carries the Currie line in Australia, and has links to other EV topics.
Daymak is based in Toronto, and carries a line of imported electric bikes (and some other small EVs).
Denali Cycles produces an EMX bike.
Eco-Brand Exim International Co., Ltd produces a line of electric bicycles, including a folding model.
eCo-Wheelz Electric Bikes & Scooters are located in Plymouth MI, specializing in electric bikes, scooters and other eco-friendly forms of transportation.
eGO Vehicles are the producer of the eGO Cycle.
The Electric Bike Shop sells several lines of electric bikes along with kits and accessories in Stuart, Florida.
Electric Bike Works sells a range of e-bikes and trikes via the Web or storefront in Virginia Beach VA.
Electric Transportation Company (ETC) produces the Express electric assist kit and the Traveller portable (folding) electric bicycle.
Elebike International, Inc. produces an electric bicycle using a hub motor on the front wheel and human-power chain drive to the rear wheel, with a choice of three different types of batteries.
Electric Vehicles Northwest carries a number of electric bicycles and broad expertise for servicing e-bikes.
[Site no longer exists: http://www.electricwheelsintl.com/] Electric Wheels International is based in San Jose, CA and carry the Merida and ETC lines. They appear to be co-located with ETC.
Electrik Motion carries several lines of electric bikes.
The EV Rider is a series of electric-assisted bicycles that were introduced at EVS-14 in December, 1997. The line includes a scooter, a fairly conventional bicycle, a 3-wheeler and a police/security version of the bicycle. The company is based in Florida.
EV Global Motors are the producers of the E-bike, but probably best known for having Lee Iococca associated with them (after his conversion to clean-air technology, after his involvement with Ford and Chrysler).
[Dead lin: http://groov-e-skootz.com/ebikes.html] Groov-E-Skootz has a couple of electric bicycles available.
Heinzmann electric bikes (and parts, such as the hub motor) are now handled by Kinetics-Online.
Omni Instruments produces the EROS electric-bicycle assist unit.
Pedego produces a line of electric bikes, including a tandem. Based in California, they have dealers across the U.S.
The [Site no longer exists: http://www.geocities.com/vancyclist/PT50.html] PT50 is an all-electric pusher trailer for bicycles produced in Canada.
Soneil produces a line of small, lightweight, intelligent and affordable chargers for lead-acid batteries that are well-suited for mobile use on small electric vehicles such as electric bicycles.
Top Gear - Electric Bikes carries several lines of electric bikes and is located in England (Leicestershire).
[Site no longer exists: http://worldwideelectricbikes.com/] World Wide Electric Bikes is based in Atlanta, GA sells electric bikes, including folders, conversion kits and accessories.
Electric Battery Bicycle Company at (813)566-1833.
Chronos at (800)989-4766.
Homebuilt electric bicycle projects are the main focus at the Homebuilt Recreational EV Design Showcase.
Based in Thailand, EV Thai produces the Wello electric bicycle and Lynx electric scooter.
Peter Vanderwal documents his building an electric bike.
Wheelsity is a U.K.-based company desiging, developing and selling electric bikes and scooters.

[Site no longer exists: http://www.zapworld.com/] Zapworld has electric bikes amongst its offerings.

University of British Columbia Electric Bicycle Club

There is an Internet discussion list for power-assisted bicycles.

Electric-bikes.com is another good page for a general survey of electric bicycles and other light electric vehicles.

The first of what I expect will be many home-built e-bikes with power capabilities that far exceed the braking abilities of the donor bike. Folks, please, if you want an electric motorcycle, start with a motorcycle.

Looking for a smart, small, lightweight, affordable charger for your electric bike?
They're here! Soneil chargers for lead-acid batteries from 6 to 72 volts .

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